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The point is that God gave the Israelites far more generations beginning at this point. This is actually a blessing from God, and the increase was clearly shown. By the time the Israelites entered the Promised Land, the population had grown to more than 1. So the lineage of Jesus, which comes through the Israelites rapid growth period, is far more than typical gentiles—especially of that time the Egyptians wanted to slow their growth if you recall.

This rapid Israeli growth explains why there are more generations from Noah to Jesus down the line of Shem than there are generations from Japheth to me Bodie. Did you know that one of the presidents of the United States who was born in the s still has two living grandsons as of the writing of this paper ? John Tyler was the President who held office from — and was born in Lyon Tyler Sr. These living grandsons are only the third generation! Shem was in the first generation after Noah where Togarmah was the third generation after Noah.

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Did Japheth and Bedwig 13 still live upwards of — years? Did they have children much later as Noah did e. If so, then with these considerations, 77 generations could work out rather reasonably. Gaps in genealogies can easily occur outside of Scripture. These lists are not inerrant like Genesis 5, 11; 1 Chronicles 1—2; and Luke 3.

Luke ESV - The Genealogy of Jesus Christ - Jesus, - Bible Gateway

The gaps in Matthew were intentional and without chronological data like Genesis 5 and Ancient historical sources outside the Bible can err and get convoluted and should always be treated delicately. In my research, one alleged gap actually gives a genealogy, albeit longer, that still traces my lineage to Noah. This lineage adds a sub-lineage which can also be documented between the generations from Noah to Sceaf. This line presumes Sceaf is not a variant name of Japheth but a name of a person far down the line of Japheth.

With this line, there are 66 generations from Noah to Christ, and there are 93 generations from Noah to Bodie minus two from each side 64 and 91 to get to the level of first cousins. By adding these up, we arrive at our Lord Jesus Christ being my th cousin based on the CU method. Outside of the historical documentation in Scripture, we need to be cautious.

In either lineage, I go back to Noah and Adam. But this effort gave me something tangible and two potential lineages. To a history buff like myself, this is exciting. So about how many generations are there from Adam to people today? In these two lines, I have a range from 87 to generations—or 88 to if you count my children. Bear in mind that if you are in the line of Israelites who had massive growth quickly, your generations could easily be more.

And some cultures have quick generation times e. Quick generation times can increase the number of total generations. I encourage others to study their own ancestry.

Abraham's Family Tree Chart

Perhaps you too can find some fascinating details of your heritage and even come up with numbers on your own. I have other lineages that I am still exploring. Noah had his Ark to be mercifully spared from the judgment of the Flood, and we all have Jesus Christ, the foreshadowed Ark of salvation to spare us from the judgment to come.

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View Cart. Share: Email Using: Gmail Yahoo! Outlook Other. Shop Now. Footnotes Paul F. On the other hand, the overriding purpose of the book of Luke is to give a precise record of the life of Christ as the perfect human Savior. Therefore, the genealogy of Luke traces all the way back to Adam, demonstrating the relationship of Jesus to all of mankind—he is the Savior of the world.

Their inclusion has been a source of continuous debate. Jerome suggested that these women were included because they were sinners, foreshadowing Jesus as the Savior of sinful humans. Martin Luther thought they were included because they were Gentiles, showing that the Messiah extended his blessings beyond Israel. Their unique, controversial, and unexpected stories could explain another possibility for their inclusion.

Share Flipboard Email. Mary Fairchild is a full-time Christian minister, writer, and editor of two Christian anthologies, including "Stories of Cavalry. Updated January 05, Matthew 's account traces the lineage from Abraham to Jesus 41 generations , while Luke records the ancestry from Adam to Jesus 76 generations.

Luke's seventy-seven generations

Matthew's genealogy is condensed and divided into three groups of 14, representing a movement through three time periods. The first group lists the patriarchs, the second names the kings, and the third contains private citizens. The intent was not to give a strict record, but rather, present the historical progression.

It begins by highlighting the family origin, then the rise to power through the Davidic throne, and eventually the decline from royalty to the humble birth of the promised Messiah. Luke 's account is unusual in that it begins with Jesus and progresses backward through history, rather than following the order of chronological succession. Some suggest that Luke's purpose in presenting a "regression" was to magnify attention on Jesus.

Though nearly identical from Abraham to David, the two accounts are entirely different from David to Jesus. After David, only the names of Shealtiel and Zerubbabel appear on both lists. Matthew's genealogy traced Jesus' royal pedigree because the Gospel's central purpose was to prove that Jesus was the promised Messiah. Luke's genealogy traced Jesus' relationship to all of humankind because the Gospel's central purpose was to prove that Jesus was the Savior of the world. Continue Reading. Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

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