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A business owner invited a renowned successful business consultant to help retool his business. He wanted to find out what to do better for a competitive advantage. After diagnosing his business, its employees, products and processes, the consultant found that one of the major problems was with his leadership. So, the consultant asked him to reconsider his leadership, and adapt a more efficient style.

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Reality was that he already had in mind what he wanted to do. His ego was strong about it. He simply needed external consultants to come endorse his viewpoint and weak plan. You may have encountered people who seek for your honest feedback. You give it. Or they avoid you. We may have been those people at some point or another in our lives. We want to be better at what we do. Yet when the moment of truth comes, we reject it. We feel we are okay the way we are. One of the problems in these situations is lack of humble disposition.

Our ego is strong. Humility is a virtue. We want to be the best we can. We desire the best for ourselves. We need humility to hold back and know our limitations. We need modesty. Saint Thomas Aquinas says humility is a sub-set of the virtue of modesty which is a part of the virtue of temperance self-control STh. This is because, for him, humility is a moderation of our spirit ibid. The Gospel of Luke reports a parable the Lord shared with the listeners.

It is about the contrast between two people who went to pray. One was too full of himself. He tells God about how perfect and good he was. He points accusing fingers on others. The second person recognizes how weak and imperfect he was. He was unassuming. He asked God for grace and mercy.

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He received divine blessing and approval. We want to be great. We want to be first. Yet we have to do so realizing that the way up to glory is to acknowledge our unworthiness. No one is perfect. We need God. We need one another. We need to be humble. Jesus meek and humble of heart, make my heart like yours. As a teacher, one of the things that intrigues me about students is to see how they improve over the course of the semester. Perhaps, previously, they used certain words carelessly.

They looked at certain things in a simplistic way. Before long, they started to think critically and thoroughly. They began to ask pointed questions. You see the transformation in their writing. You notice it in their discussions. Some change is occurring. It seems little, but is has a huge impact for their future.

One of the most difficult spiritual skills is for one to change from old ways. We love our old ways.

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We coddle them. They are our best friends. Our defaults seem safe. They are our private safe haven. It is hard. I suggest the hardest thing is for one to leave behind those unvirtuous old ways. It is sometimes scary to venture out of that safe haven. It is swimming against the current of our comfort zone. All conversion is swimming against the current of our usual. It is hard to do so.

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Anyone who self-examines their life, tweaking or changing what should be changed for better life, is indeed courageous. To have such as a friend is a blessing. Such a person is truly self-aware. Contrast it with anyone who feels the way they are is perfect. Such a one is the most pitiable. It is a sign of courage. It is a sign of confidence. For the most part, it happens by grace because it is only God who can truly transform the human heart.

The choice is ours. To become someone who started to make their bed metaphor , tidy their home, speak kindly, love everyone no matter their race and class, etc. Grace works with us. Grace meets those who are bold enough to ask for help. We read from the prophesy of Hosea God invites the people of Israel at the time to return to him. They turned their back on the Lord.

They relied on their works alone. They relied on their connections with other people—the rich, the famous and the kings—for their success.

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They did things their own way. They believed just as many of us do, we can succeed without God. They banished grace. The result was tireless effort to please people, ending up frustrated. How many times we have tried hard to go it our way.

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We get frustrated. Repentance is actually turning towards God. It is drawing inspiration, strength and grace from the Lord. It is allowing the light of faith, the anointing grace from the Lord to renew us. It is not so much about what we have stopped doing. It is what we have become in the One who has called us in love and to love.

It is about daily commitment to live virtuously. We pray for the grace of ongoing renewal. Maurice Emelu.