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This table lists the highest paid vendor companies for the state in the selected fiscal year. This table does not include intra-government transfers or subsidy payments.

Advises policy makers and elected officials on issues affecting Hispanic Ohioans. Connects Latino communities across the state and builds the capacity of community organizations so they may better serve the fast growing Latino population of Ohio. Historical Society, Ohio:.

Promotes knowledge of Ohio's history. Maintains and operates 58 historic sites and museums that encompass nearly 5, acres and over buildings and structures throughout the state.

Council Members

Hocking Technical College:. Located in Nelsonville and established in , Hocking Technical College sits on 2, acres of land. House of Representatives:. Half of the legislative branch of Ohio's government. Consists of 99 representatives who voice the opinions of citizens. Housing Finance Agency, Ohio:. Finances the acquisition, construction, rehabilitation and remodeling of housing intended for rental or ownership, or both, by families of low or moderate income. How Are We Doing? Click here to provide feedback to the Ohio Treasurer's office on the online checkbook website or other Treasurer's transparency initiatives.

Industrial Commission:. Serves injured workers and Ohio employers through prompt and impartial resolution of issues arising from workers' compensation claims and through the establishment of adjudication policy. Interim Appropriation:.

A short-term appropriation, often for only a month, that the General Assembly enacts in order to continue funding state operations, usually at their current level, if it fails to enact the main operating appropriations bill on time. James A. Rhodes State College:. Located in Lima and established in , James A. Rhodes State College offers over 90 different certificates. Jefferson Technical College:. Located in Steubenville and established in , Jefferson County Technical College expanded to become Eastern Gateway Community College in and offers associate degrees and certificates. Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review:.

The committee consists of five State Representatives and five State Senators. JCARR's primary function is to review proposed, new, amended and rescinded rules from over agencies to ensure they do not exceed their rule-making authority granted to them by the General Assembly. Joint Legislative Ethics Committee:. Serves as the ethics advisory committee for Ohio's legislative branch of government. This category of expense includes payments made as a result of a rendered judgment, a negotiated settlement, reparations, attorney fees, and claims.

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Judicial Conference of Ohio:. Studies the coordination of the work of Ohio courts and encourages uniformity in the application of the law, rules and practices throughout the state. Promotes an exchange of experience and suggestions respecting the operation of the judicial system and makes recommendations for the improvement of the administration of justice. Hears appeals from Ohio's 12 District Courts of Appeals, exercises original jurisdiction in certain cases and carries out other assorted duties.


Kent State University:. Located in Kent and established in , Kent State University is one of the largest colleges in Ohio with an enrollment of almost 42, Lake Erie Commission:. Works to preserve Lake Erie's natural resources, protect the quality of its waters and ecosystem and promote economic development of the region. Lakeland Community College:.

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Located in northeast Ohio and established in , Lakeland Community College was the first college that was voted on by the people. The expiration of an appropriation because it was not expended or encumbered before the end of the period for which it was made. Largest Expense Types Table:. This table lists the largest total expenses for the state in the selected fiscal year. Legal Rights Service:.

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Provides accurate and timely legal advice and information to the Governor and to the director and divisions of the Department of Administrative Services. Legislative Service Commission:. Provides nonpartisan drafting, fiscal, research, training and other technical services to the Ohio General Assembly. A provision that allows a Governor to veto components of the state budget approved by the legislature on a line-by-line basis. Liquor Control Commission:. Ensures compliance with liquor laws and regulations. Provides fair and impartial hearings for the protection of the public and liquor permit holders.

Local Governments:.

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Local governments within Ohio who have voluntarily submitted expenditure data are displayed on the website. Lorain County Community College:. Located outside Cleveland and established in , Lorain County Community College was the first community college to exhibit a fabrication lab.

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Lottery Commission:. Generates profits for programs benefiting primary, secondary, vocational and special education through the operation of the state lottery. Lump-Sum Appropriation:. An appropriation for a broad purpose or an entire agency rather than for a specific activity e. Manufactured Home Commission:.

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Regulates the installation of manufactured housing. This commission was abolished in FY and absorbed by the Department of Commerce. Marion Technical College:. Provides medical regulation and licenses. Oversees the practice of medicine and its branches to protect and enhance the health and safety of the public. Medical Transportation Board:.

Medical University of Ohio at Toledo:. Located in Oxford and established in , Miami University reflects the name of the Miami tribe, who once inhabited the Miami Valley. Motor Vehicle Repair Board:. Administers and enforces the laws on motor vehicle collision repair registration in order to enhance consumer protection and promote industry growth and compliance. What spending data do you want to search?

Choose state data or local government data. You can only search one set of data at a time. Need Help Getting Started? An appropriation made for a one-time item or project. Examples include capital or major equipment purchases, special studies, and information technology upgrades. North Central Technical College:. Located in Mansfield and established in , North Central State University currently enrolls over 3, students. Northeast Ohio University College of Medicine:.

Northwest State Community College:. Located in Archbold and established in , Northwest State Community College is a public two-year college offering degree and certificate programs. An aim toward which a state agency directs its effort to accomplish a stated agency priority. Something to be accomplished in specific, often measurable terms, and that is achievable within a specific time frame. Objectives are more specific than goals and aim to achieve an agency's main purpose. The Executive Budget highlights an agency's objectives in the Executive recommendation section in each agency's narrative.

Responsible for the regulation of the practices of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and athletic training. Ensures that the financial operations of state government are handled in a manner consistent with state laws and policies. Develops budgets; monitors, processes and reports on financial transactions; and reviews and coordinates the financial policies and activities of state agencies.

Office of Inspector General:. Investigates allegations of wrongful acts and omissions by state agencies, officers, and employees, as well as any person who does business with the state.