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Legalities and potential pitfalls

You may be required to produce the unabridged birth certificate when you travel overseas, claim citizenship by descent, apply for permanent residence or submit an insurance claim. On the subject of duplicate identity documents IDs , Minister Pandor said her department was intensifying efforts to deal with the problem.

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She said there were 29 South Africans with duplicate IDs. According to Minister Pandor, only a few of those whose names were published on the list of people with duplicate IDs have come forward to have their ID conflicts resolved. She said her department would continue to track down the remaining individuals. Minister Pandor also announced that the South African Citizenship Amendment Act of would be implemented with effect from 1 January The Act aims to make it easier to apply for citizenship on the basis of birth, descent and naturalisation.

An important source for dates of births too, which could otherwise often be obtained only by search of registers overseas, are inscriptions on tombstones.

Birth Certificate application (unabridged)

These, however, should not be taken as gospel but used as a guideline. Backup evidence should be used to ensure the details are correct. It is also extremely important to remember that many genealogists and family historians mistakenly enter the date of baptism in the date of birth field as part of the recording of their family history. This mistake is potentially one of the most dangerous mistakes anyone can make.

Before the official registration of births children were not baptized within days and sometimes, especially in the rural districts of South Africa, they were only baptised weeks or even years later. Children were generally baptised on the Sunday following the birth of a child, or within a week at least.

What does a birth certificate look like in South Africa?

The farmers, however, who lived a great distance away, could only travel to the nearest church perhaps within a month or so. Owing to the great distances involved in traveling by wagon, bad roads, swollen and impassable rivers in winter, had often to be taken into account.

Sometimes the minister had to travel seven or eight days before he could baptize a child. As in the case of marriage, the church did not wish that baptisms should take place in the home. In such a case it was necessary that two church officers should be present.

What is an Unabridged Birth Certificate?

The regulations required that baptisms should take place on Sundays in public, when the people had assembled for worship. To discourage the practice of having children baptised on week days, the Church Council at Graaff-Reinet imposed a fee of three rixdollars 12s.

Birth records to this day remain a vital part of our existence. Today, without hospital birth records, a child cannot be issued with a birth certificate and without a birth certificate, a child cannot be enrolled in school, cannot apply for a national identity… and the list goes on. Make sure you have your ancestors birth certificate, where possible, to ensure you are tracing the right family.

South Africa’s controversial birth certificate rule to be scrapped

Contact me to look up the birth registers. Naturalizations were published in the Government Gazette after their arrival in South Africa. However this information does change over time as the Government recorded different information. This number you will need before you got to Home Affairs for a copy of the document. Most naturalization records post are held at the Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria. The reference generally also includes possibly the two surnames as many people anglicised their surnames when coming to South Africa.

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