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This craft brewery got a little crafty with their two-ring rolodex-style menu, which allows them to add and remove items as their taps change and rotate. Keeping the actual menu clean and simple is good for your bottom line. Limited choices, simple design, doubles as a placemat. This Toronto-based, Cuban-inspired joint is covering all their menu design bases.

This Orlando-based Cuban joint keeps it easy to read on their behind-the-counter menu board. When it comes to noble experiments, these San Diegans got it right with a gold embossed textured menu.

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By breaking items down into different categories, you have the opportunity to suggest pairings with items in different boxes, which will boost your sales. Make like a tree and leave a lasting impression on your guests with menus printed directly onto a slice of a tree trunk. The Catch and Release menu highlights their specialty, with a fish index card to help guide customers.

Some menus tell a story. This one illustrates the adventures of a clever fox, the namesake of the restaurant. For menus that change regularly, include a permanent piece like this wood board with binder clips, and print off new menus when needed. At first glance, it may seem like there are too many choices on this menu, but the strategically placed categories and carefully selected fonts and bolding make it easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye.

This menu design ticks off a lot of boxes: color theory, strategic categories, limited choices, and eye-popping design. The simple design of this menu board uses the right mix of colour and eye-catching fonts.

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For more tips and tricks to achieving the ultimate restaurant menu design, check out:. Destination restaurants are located away from the bustle of the city center yet manage Blog Support: Sales: Sign in. Generic selectors. Exact matches only. Search in title. Search in content. Search in excerpt. Search in posts. Search in pages.

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Decision fatigue is a real thing. Too many options can be overwhelming and make people want to stick to what they know. Bring It To Jerome - master Spanish Guitar Dancing Girl Diddy Wah Diddy I'm Looking For A Woman I'm Bad Love Is Strange Who Do You Love Bo Diddley 2. Mona 3. Say Boss Man undubbed alternate 4. Say Boss Man - master 5.

Run Diddley Daddy early version 6. Before You Accuse Me 7. Say Man alternate 8. Say Man - master 9. Hush Your Mouth alternate Hush Your Mouth - master Bo's Guitar Dearest Darling alternate Dearest Darling The Clock Strikes Twelve Our Love Will Never Go Bo Meets The Monster I Love You So first version The Great Grandfather Crackin' Up Don't Let It Go I'm Sorry Oh Yea His family and friends would like to thank his fans for the outpouring of cards, letters and good wishes that followed his stroke last May and lastmonth's heart attack.

The exhibition is now open every day, except Mondays, until Sunday October 28th.

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Admission: 6. Reduced price: 4. Creator of the cover art for The Beatles' "Sgt. The Trail is a collection of more than historical markers and interpretive sites throughout the State to recognize Mississippi's blues heritage. Admission is free and open to the public. The album consists of Bachman-Cummings' interpretations of a number of radio hits that the duo listened to during their formative years growing up in the s and s in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Admission is free. Congrats, Ronnie! After he is released from the hospital, he is expected to continue therapy as an outpatient. Martin Luther King, Jr. She was 51 and had heart disease. Cardiovascular disease, including stroke, causes a third of all deaths among blacks. Having the power to end stroke means putting down cigarettes and stopping smoking, observing advice from your doctor and knowing your family's medical history, watching your weight and being physically active at least 30 minutes most days of the week, eating healthfully and avoiding foods high in saturated fats, trans fat, cholesterol and sodium and regulating and controlling high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Lot Seattle Pop Festival 8. Lot Rolling Stones autographed Fall 8x Signed page includes the following: "Mick Jagger It also appears that he has suffered no long-term, physical damage from the May 13th stroke.

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Later that year he commissioned Gretsch's Brooklyn factory to make him another square guitar, which he nicknamed "Big B", and which he famously played on stages around the world for the next 2 decades. This is a rare opportunity to see an entourage of automobiles that symbolizes America's love affair with their cars and rock music. The Henry Ford is located at Oakwood Blvd. For general recorded information, 24 hours a day, call FRiend For more information, please call In , he was included in the prestigious "Washingtonian" magazine's Washington Music Hall of Fame.

Proceeds from the evening will benefit the Mississippi Blues Foundation. The Award is a special Merit Award presented by a vote of The Recording Academy's National Trustees to performers who, during their lifetimes, have made creative contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the field of recording. With nearly 13 million listeners, "Morning Edition" draws public radio's largest audience. Kalamazoo Mall in Kalamazoo, this Thursday evening March 15th , beginning at 7. A discussion with the play's author will follow the performance.

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Enquiries: call A panel of entertainment journalists judged the contest, in which music DVDs released in competed in eight categories. Rock 'n' Roll", released last year by Image Entertainment in two-disc and four-disc configurations, was named "Best of Show", beating more than contenders that were entered into the annual contest produced by "Home Media Magazine". The 4-disc box set is bolstered with "Witness To History", an hour-plus round table with Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Bo Diddley discussing their shared experiences for the first time.

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This half-hour tribute, which includes a recent interview with Ronnie along with extracts from one of his recent Canadian concerts, is scheduled to air next Tuesday February 27th between 1. He combined his musical ear with his passion for the graphic arts in the form of album cover art. Orange Grove Blvd. All proceeds from the auction go to support the Society's Blues for Youth program.

Please note that only SBBS members are allowed at the show and to bid in the auction. The event takes place at 7. Info: In recent years, the Society has launched an active Blues for Youth program to expand the knowledge and understanding of blues music in area schools. Bo Diddley" airs next Tuesday January 23rd between 9. Bo Diddley" is scheduled to air on Tuesday January 30th from 9. The Saturday June 9th appearance will be one of several high-profile "Legends" concerts to be staged at the club in coming months. Booking info is available by calling Beginning at 1. Tickets are available for qualified clients.

Please contact Jill Featherstone at to make bookings. Since its inception, HAI has reached an audience totaling more than 11 million at more than , cultural events. HAI's work is made possible by city, state and federal agencies as well as foundation, corporate and individual support. The Concert Series is made possible by a consortium of private and public funders. Hospital Audiences, Inc. White was the special guest of broadcaster Dr. Its twice-yearly show in Las Vegas pulls in more than 36, participants and nearly 1, exhibitors who represent the cream of the multi-billion dollar global footwear manufacturing industry.

Thank you very much. The service can be used in cars, trucks, RVs, homes, offices, stores and even outdoors. Australia's premier alternative festival, the event regularly attracts about 70, people each year. The event also focuses on the evolution of the electric guitar and its influence on society since its invention.

It is a multi-media event, showcasing the guitars and artists who have helped shape contemporary pop culture. TV stations, Mississippi Public Broadcasting and college publications will also receive the campaign. They will also be sent to national talk shows and broadcast news outlets with MS ties and additional posters made available to national events with MS ties.

With an introductory essay by actor Morgan Freeman, the book provides compelling stories of Mississippians who not only have brought great pride to their home State, they have in turn let the world know they are proud to call MS home.