Expunging a criminal record in massachusetts

D The charges and convictions expunged or sealed shall not operate to disqualify the claimant in any examination, appointment or application for public employment in the service of the commonwealth or any other political subdivision thereof, nor shall such charges and convictions be used against the claimant in any way in any court proceedings or hearings before any court, board or commission to which the claimant is a party to the proceedings.

E A settlement agreement pursuant to this chapter may include a stipulation or agreement to an order of expungement or sealing to be entered by the court.

What is an Expungement?

Such stipulation or agreement shall be filed with the court and the court shall enter an order directing the expungement or sealing of those records of the claimant maintained by the department of criminal justice information services, the probation department and the sex offender registry that directly pertain to the claimant's erroneous felony conviction, including documents and other materials and any biological samples or other materials obtained from the claimant.

If the settlement does not include an agreement to an order of expungement or sealing, the claimant is entitled to seek expungement or sealing from the court. F For the purposes of this chapter, ''expungement'' shall mean the permanent erasure and destruction of records. Please enter your email address.

Seal or Expunge a Criminal Record FAQ

If there is an account associated with that address, a password reset link will be mailed to you. Menu Toggle navigation. Section Number:. Type: Act Resolve. Year: House All Representatives House Clerk. What does it mean to get a criminal record sealed?


Most Massachusetts criminal records can be sealed in one or two ways. See How do I seal my criminal records? What can I do if I cannot seal my record for many years?

How do I seal? Sealing by mail Sealing in court Crimes that cannot be sealed Out-of-state Contacts "Good cause" for sealing records Sealing past marijuana charges. Find Legal Aid You may be able to get free legal help from your local legal aid program. CORI Alerts!


Expunging or Sealing Your Massachusetts Criminal Record

More information. Quick Links. Get free legal help with your CORI. Without laws there would be no order. Since the beginning of the Revolutionary War, Massachusetts has played a key role in development of our nation.

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Its citizens enjoy a long, rich heritage when it comes to crafting the laws that best suit their society. Part of original framework of those laws includes the provisions for the public to access court records.

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These are after all our common records. However, in some instances, an individual's right to privacy outweighs the public's right to access. In those cases, a person can have their arrest and criminal records expunged.

Massachusetts expungement laws go hand in hand with their laws to seal records. If a person was found not guilty of a crime they were charged with they can file for a petition to have those records expunged. By doing that, they are essentially wiping out the record from any public viewing or background check.