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Criminal Background Checks for Employment Screening. The Georgia corrections background check may contain the following:. The Georgia background check court records may contain the following:.

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The Georgia sex offender record search may contain the following:. The Georgia criminal check by county may contain the following:.

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In Georgia had a total violent crime rate of Of the Georgia Population and Household Background Data. Share this: Tweet.

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Follow InstantCriminalChecks. The State Bureau of Investigation can search of criminal information for all crimes committed in your state. From free online criminal searches to government record sources, criminal background checks are fairly accessible. But as an employer you need more than criminal records; you need accurate information.

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Government-based background checks can lack in certain areas. A third-party screening service will offer numerous additional services that government services are not be able to provide. Third-party background check services provide an accurate criminal record search.

You want to ensure that you are finding all criminal records associated with your applicant; however, you also want to make sure that all the records you find are actually associated with them and not someone else. Third party background check services have the expertise and experience to know the depth and reliability of court and state criminal record searches.

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These services handle criminal history checks from all levels and databases across multiple states. Third-party screening companies can also conduct drug tests, credit checks, social media searches, and other reliable resources for vetting your potential job candidate. Screening companies even have the resources necessary to conduct post-hire screening. By knowing the criminal history of any potential employee, you can mitigate the risk of your company being involved in a future crime.

Hiring decisions can make or break a company, so get to know the people you are considering by vetting them thoroughly.

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There are cases where you only need criminal information for a background check and others where you may need a thorough employee screening process. You might choose the versatility of a professional screening service or prefer the simplicity of going to your local court. It is important to find the right background check service for your business, so you can hire the best candidate for your company.

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Tammy Cohen, an industry pioneer and expert in identity and employment screening, founded InfoMart 30 years ago. She was most recently the first-to-market with a fully compliant sanctions search, as well as a suite of identity services that modernizes talent onboarding.

Tammy revolutionized the screening industry when she stepped into the field, developing the first client-facing application and a due diligence criminal search that has since become standard for all background screening companies.

InfoMart has been revolutionizing the global background and identity screening industry for 30 years, providing businesses the information they need to make informed hiring decisions. They develop innovative technology that modernizes talent onboarding, including a first-to-market biometric identity authentication application and a verified sanctions search.

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