Marriage license for ronald eugene bellman alabama

He also did quite a business as an auctioueer. Harriet Brower, b Sept. Sarah Brower, b Jan.

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Merchant at Blair, Out. Rachel, Dan- iel, Rebecca. Elizabeth Bechtel, b May 1, , m Jos- eph Krumbach. Middleville, Mich. Isaac Bechtel, b Oct. Brick and Tile Mfgr. Christadel- phians. Meranda Bechtel, b Apr. Burlington, Ont. Sarah Jane Bechtel, b Oct. Oakland, Cal.

Marriages filed in Mobile County Probate Court from April 6 - May 2

Roxy Ann Bechtel, b Dec. Doon, Ont. Elvine Bechtel, b Oct. Byron E. Bechtel, b Sept. Taylor, July 1. Waterloo, Ont. Brick Machy Mfr. Charles Herbert Bechtel, ni Mabel Cheiry. Gait, Out. Episcopal oh. Berah E. Bechtel, b July 16, , m Robert O. Waterloo, Out. Emily M.

Alabama Judges Must Issue Gay Marriage Licenses

Bechtel, b July 27, , m Samuel L. Martin, June 30, Teacher and Farmer. C, IX. Hazel L.

Milton S. Bechtel, b Apr. She d Feb. Mar- ion Grace Bechtel, b Feb. Biekell, June 5, Cathariue Bechtel, b Oct. Ella May Bechtel, b Dec. Carrie Ruth Bechtel, b July 6, , m Dr. John H. Ratz, Jan.. Bouners Ferry, Idaho. Sarah Bechtel, b Apr. Mary Bechtel d , b Mar.

Alabama Obituary and Death Notice Archive - Page

Herman, John, Agues, Caroline, William. Sarah Bechtel d , b Mar. Mary, Bella, Agnes, Elizabeth. Berlin, Out. Israel, John, Edward. Daniel Bechtel, b Feb. Elmira, Out.

Dissertations & Theses from 12222

Mary Ann Brovver, b Aug. Isaac Clemens. He was 1 Jan. In , Mr. Clem- eua was elected to represent South Waterloo in the Provincial Legislature, aud again elected to repre- sent the Reform party in C, Sarah, Emeline. Mary, Isaac. Sarah Clemens, b Oct. Martin, He was b in Pa. July 7, , d in Waterloo Co.. Farmer and Mfr. C, Emeline, Samuel, Carrie. Emeline Martin, b Mar. Chillawack, British Columbia. Burnell M. Samuel C. Martin d , b May 13, , m Mamie Sehlicster, Oct. Harry S. Martin, b Feb. Carrie Martin, bin Waterloo Co.

San Bernardino Sun, Volume 58, Number 97, 21 December 1951

Conway, June 16, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Anna Dumas Conway, bSept.

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Emeline Clemens, b May 6, , d Aug. Mary Ann Clemens, b Dec. Preston, Out. Emma A. Henderson, b Sept. Preston, Ont. Elton J. Martin, Samuel C.