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Odometer tampering? One price to verify the automobile history on every used car as you shop or even the car you own.

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Water or flooded damage? Instant online VIN report information on your screen. Fire or related damage? Stolen or rescued vehicle? Multiple owner history? Identify used cars with undisclosed issues.

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VIN Decoder & Lookup

My settings. This arrangement of numbers was originated from the ISO Standard in and was later revised in It has the following three important sections:.

Fourth character: The fourth character represents the category of the vehicle. Suzuki follows the following codes to mark vehicle category:. Fifth character: The fifth character in the VIN number shows the engine displacement. Different manufacturers may have different codes to identify engine displacement of the vehicle.

Below are the details pertaining to Suzuki:. Sixth character: In the VIN number, the sixth character normally represents the engine type of the vehicle. Here are some Suzuki specific numeric codes denoting the engine type. Seventh Character: The seventh character in the Vehicle Identification Number shows the design sequence for any vehicle. As followed by Suzuki, 1 is used for the first design version of the vehicle, 2 is used for the second version of the design, and tenth and above versions are represented with A, B, and so on.

Read More: Ford Escape available exterior paint color options. FordPass is a digital destination that allows Ford owners to connect with features and services they need on the go like navigation, roadside assistance, vehicle information, and more.

Chassis Number: Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) Details in India

While some of the FordPass apps will not need a VIN number to function optimally, others can be tailored to a specific model for up-to-date maintenance and service-related information. Ford owners can also use their VIN when purchasing genuine Ford OEM parts online or from the dealership to ensure that they are buying exactly the right size and option for their Ford model. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can skip to the end and leave a response.

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I purchased ford fiesta Please assist accordingly. I have a ford kuga trend awd. Ford Vehicle Identification Number Location Your Ford VIN, or vehicle identification number, is a character code made up of letters and numbers that is associated with your specific vehicle. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.