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Responding to Washington's "maximum pressure" policy, Iran has bypassed the restrictions of the deal step-by-step — including by breaching both its cap on stockpiled enriched uranium and on the level of enrichment. President Hassan Rouhani blamed Washington for Iran's rolling back of its nuclear commitments, saying Fordow would soon fully resume uranium enrichment work. Iranian authorities also said Tehran will enrich uranium to 5 per cent at Fordow, which will further complicate the chances of saving the accord, which European powers, Russia and the European Union have urged Iran to respect.

The agreement capped the level of purity to which Iran can enrich uranium at 3.

Rouhani races to implement nuclear deal with eye on Iran elections bounce

Iran said on Monday it had accelerated enrichment by doubling the number of advanced IR-6 centrifuges in operation , adding that it was working on "a prototype called the IR-9, which works times faster than the IR-1 centrifuges". The nuclear deal, under which international sanctions against Iran were lifted, was tailored to extend the time Iran would need to accumulate enough fissile material for a nuclear bomb —sometimes referred to as the "breakout time" — to about a year from months.

Iran, which flatly denies seeking a nuclear bomb, has given another two-month deadline to Britain, France and Germany to salvage the deal. Leaving room for diplomacy, Tehran said talks are possible if Washington lifts all the sanctions and itself returns to the nuclear deal.

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Trump sometimes says he just wants Iran not to have nuclear arms, and on other occasions he says Iran must limit its missile capabilities and abandon its actions in the Middle East. With Trump in the White House, the Iranians have come to the conclusion that, given the confusion in U. Khamenei and other Iranian political officials have repeatedly pointed to the all-out U.

They believe that Trump is seeking regime change in Iran. They suggest that through harsh economic sanctions, the United States aims to discourage the Iranian people and drag them into the streets to overthrow the government. From an Iranian viewpoint, these demands are utterly illogical; they are hostile measures aimed at weakening the country. Of course, the Iranians believe that the United States is not ready to engage in war against Iran for fear of its military might and reaction from its regional allies, such as Hezbollah and Hamas. Khamenei, Rouhani, and Iranian military commanders have repeatedly stated that there will be no war because the United States knows that it will be the loser.

In the eyes of Iranian leaders, the U.

This is one of the reasons why Tehran is reluctant to negotiate. Opponents of holding talks with the U. The nuclear deal was the fruit of years of intensive negotiations between different teams and the permanent five members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany, and the Trump administration threw it out the window. There is therefore no guarantee that the next U. Rouhani and Zarif, who were the architects of the nuclear deal, now have little hope of salvaging it.

They are no longer waiting for the results of the U. Taking this into account, after the French initiative to reduce sanctions on Iran was rejected by the Trump administration, Iran took further steps toward gradual withdrawal from the nuclear deal. The presidential election campaign may change the equation slightly.

Trump is desperately seeking a diplomatic victory. This could provide a glimmer of hope to save parts of the nuclear deal.

Iranian Leaders: Statements and Positions (Part I) | MEMRI

Under these circumstances, if sanctions were lifted, the Iranians may be willing to engage in a multilateral negotiation, within the framework of the existing deal, to pave the way for preserving and solidifying the agreement with some minor changes. The clock is ticking. Rising regional tensions, reduced energy supplies from the region, insecurity of major international waterways, and the possibility of war have made the situation extremely dangerous. And in his view, Iran signed the deal in exchange for sanctions being lifted; it cannot be justified that sanctions remain in place while Iran continues to stick to its nuclear commitments.

They maintain that the U. By David Martosko, U. Political Editor For Dailymail. Donald Trump angrily denied on Friday that he offered a complete cancellation of all U. Iranian president Hassan Rouhani told reporters in Geneva, Switzerland that he turned down the offer because of the current 'toxic atmosphere' in the longstanding war of words between Washington and Tehran. Iran has not yet accepted Trump's offer, Rouhani said.

Trump insisted there was no such proposal on the table. President Donald Trump insists he hasn't offered to take all of America's sanctions against Iran off the table, following the country's president insisting that's was was proposed to him. Trump tweeted Friday morning in response to Iranian president Hassan Rouhani's boast that he had turned Trump down.

He said he met there with U. Iran was ready for negotiations but not in an atmosphere of sanctions and pressure, the Iranian president said.

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  • Iranian Leaders: Statements and Positions (Part I) | MEMRI;
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Rouhani has played the role of dealmaker, frustrating Trump as the two men butt heads with sabers rattling the whole time. Crude oil prices slipped in reaction, adding to earlier losses caused by a faster-than-expected recovery in Saudi output, slowed-down Chinese economic growth and a Wall Street Journal report saying that Saudi Arabia had agreed a partial ceasefire in Yemen.

Rouhani did not meet Trump in New York. European and Gulf officials expect Washington to keep tightening the vice on Iran's economy. The U. The Trump administration has leveled accusations — denied by Tehran — that Iran attacked two Saudi oil facilities on Sept.

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Iran's detention of U. Rouhani said during a press conference Thursday that he would support moving the United Nations headquarters away from America.