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A Web server will not deliver Internet data to a private IP address. It will deliver the data to the router which has a public IP address and then the router will deliver the data to the computer that has the private IP address. Routers are special because they have two IP addresses. This is the side of the router that faces the Internet and has a public IP address.

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One of the primary jobs of a router is to assign IP addresses to the computers on a home network. When a computer connects to it and asks for an IP address, the router picks an IP address from the pool and assigns it to the computer. The router makes sure that two computers are not assigned the same IP address. The next time the computer asks for an IP address, it might get the same IP that the router assigned to it before, or it might get a different one.

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When the router keeps track of IP address assignments, that means that a human does not have to do it. Computers are set by default to ask for an IP address dynamically.

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The opposite of a dynamically assigned IP address is a static IP address. A static IP address has to be manually configured on the device that is going to use it. The static IP address you will be assigned will be a public IP address, which means that data can be sent directly to your computer. Scroll down the page UPnP allows devices on your network to automatically forward ports so they can be accessed from the Internet.

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While UPnP is convenient, we recommend turning it off for security reasons. Note: We recommend that you not use your name or address as this information is broadcast and other people in your area will be able to associate the signal with which home it is coming from. Click on Management on the left. Then click on Access Control to reveal a sub-menu and then click on Passwords. On Click on Management again, a pop-up log-in screen appears, and asks for sign-in.

How Do I Change My IP Address?

Click on Access Control again and then select the Accounts sub-menu link. Follow the configuration steps outline for Routed Operation with WiFi and make the following changes:. If you prefer your own external router rather than the one built into your SmartRG unit, we recommend routed operation with a separate WiFi Router.

However if you have networking expertise and are confident using the modem in bridge mode then take note of the following before configuring your SmartRG for Bridged operation:. The current firmware available to the NCF Office is 2. You can verify your firmware by checking the software version on the Device Info page. Failure to do so may cause functionality problems which will not be covered by the Manufacturer's warranty. To request a copy of this firmware email [ support ncf.


To install this new firmware onto your modem perform the following steps:. Note: the modem will reboot once the new firmware has been uploaded. This process may take up to 15 minutes to resync DSL light returns to solid green and reconnect the internet light starts blinking again.

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