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My father's family is from Monteforte Irpino however I can't seem to determine how I can obtain any records or history of them. Can anyone advise me please? The records for this town are not available on-line and would require a visit to either the Archivio di Stato in Avellino or the comune's Anagrafe office.

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Written requests can be made to the comune but our experience in doing genealogy research for several years is that the comunes are too busy or apathetic with other work to respond to correspondence requesting this type of information. When I wrote to my grandparents' small hometown churches, I always received a reply, either with the information I requested or if they could not find any information, they would let me know.

I was fortunate to visit the towns myself, and found everyone to be very helpful, no matter how busy they were Good luck!

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That was very helpful. I went to Agropoli my mothers side of the familya few years ago and also found everyone to be very helpful. We even took pictures with the chief of police! How far back in your ancestry have you gone? Getting a response to written correspondence either at the parish or comune will depend on where.

I have been in anagrafe office here where the officials pointed to a stack of requests and admitted they ignore them. The parish providing records is dependent on the priest and some diocese in Campagna require these requests to go through their offices. That said, if you actually visit the town the locals are thrilled. They get so many written requests that sometimes they will go out of their way to help a returning paisano. As it has been said, you will need to contact not only the Anagrafe's office, but also the parish churches in the area.

The reason is that the Anagrafe or Civil Registry has not always existed.

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It was created after the unification of Italy through Regio Decreto Nr on the 31st December , although this date does not mean that every Comune in Italy implemented it. There was also another Royal Decree Nr dated 28 January which ordered that all changes of domicile or address had to be recorded Well, again, it did not happen in all cases Before the Unification of Italy, the only written records about a person's birth, baptism, marriage and death were kept by the local parishes.

After the decree, the Church continued to keep its records, but the Anagrafe slowly became the official source. There is another point that you have to keep in mind. To locate records in Italy is not an easy task. Besides wars, invasions, fires, earthquakes and similar events, some records may be "lost" and it is extremely difficult to find them I shall explain later on our personal experience.

Also, keep in mind that because Latin was the official language in the Church, some records are written in that language, instead of Italian, which may cause further difficulties.

We have found that both the Comune and the Church were very helpful; however, you have to know what you are searching for and gather as much information as possible regarding dates, places, names And if you engage the help of professionals, although they may try as much as possible to locate those documents, they may still encounter many difficulties. And this brings me to our own experience. It all started quite a few years ago, when we tried to locate the birth certificate of my husband's grandfather. We got the assistance of the local Comune who told us to contact the local Parish as the birth had taken place around A relative in Italy tried to locate the document to no avail.

She even sent and paid a researcher to find it No results. It was possible to locate the records for all the brothers and sisters, but his A couple of years ago, we decided to try to find the baptism certificate and we went to the town. We already knew which Parish Church had the family records, which was helpful. We spoke to the sexton. Updated: August 13, This is a list of websites with records of births, marriages, deceases, census and other records of Italian communes.

You may find both, digitized records, or lists of those events. Many people have found information about their forbears browsing those websites.

I'd be happy to answer any questions re: film rentals. Hi Donna, Thanks for the information!

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I really appreciate it. I don't know much about film rentals.

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Do you have an idea of what the cost might be? Are the family history centers you're talking about in major cities? Thanks, -E. Thanks for the help! I'll give it a try and see what I can come up with. Hi 3rd great grandmother's name is Maria Raffaela Cardinale from Ariano, so I have been researching the Cardinale name, I found the following: I hope it helps. This is incredibly helpful!

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Thank you so much! My wife will be thrilled to learn about this part of her lineage. If at some point you decide to publish your tree, please let me know. I'd love to walk through it and learn more about the Cardinale family. I've been passionate of genealogy for almost 6 years now and would be very glad to be of help in your research! This wouldn't be the first time for me to do a research on commission.