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Under the budget-based system, a taxing district establishes its desired levy amount first subject to several restrictions , and then the assessed valuation is used to calculate the subsequent levy rate that property owners must pay.

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This formula is expressed as:. The property tax levy is constrained by the overall limits on the regular levy rate and the limit on annual levy increases. Taxes imposed under this limit are termed "regular" levies , while those outside the limit are "excess" or "special" levies. If either of those limits are exceeded, then the junior taxing district levies involved must be reduced through prorationing.

See RCW But, they can never collect that much because the levy of the special districts must be subtracted from that amount RCW Such a forced reduction can cause fiscal problems if it is not anticipated. If no one in your city hall knows what rate the special districts are currently levying, your county assessor can help you.

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In Washington, property tax increases are not based on the increasing value of properties, but rather the amount of the property taxes that were assessed in the prior year. Taxes on new construction, changes in value of state-assessed utility property, and newly annexed property hereafter referred to as "add-ons" are exempt from the limit factor for taxing districts of any size and may be added to the tax levy that is requested under the limit factor. The complexity of the property tax means that year-to-year changes in collected taxes may not be intuitive.

Glenn Olson, former Deputy County Administrator of Clark County, developed the below examples of how property tax bills may change based on various factors. Imagine a county that has only one parcel and one house that is brand new. As its only property, its value is also the entire assessed value of the county. The only time taxes are calculated this way is for new construction — i. In every following year it works differently.

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So the county adjusts the levy rate to make it fit the new assessed value:. Skip to main content. Turn off Animations.

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Turn on Animations. These values are used to calculate and set levy rates for the various taxing districts in the county, and to equitably distribute tax responsibility among taxpayers.

The Assessor's office appraises property both by physical inspection and by market activity. Washington State Law mandates that property must be physically inspected at least once every six years, with annual review and update based on sales analysis. Phil Cook, Assessor. How do I File an Appeal.

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    As your Assessor, I am committed to serve and assist you personally in any matters dealing with this office. Please contact the Assessor's office for more information. In an effort to reduce cost and also to provide greater efficiency, we are offering a service for Personal Property accounts that will deliver your Personal Property listing to you by email. These listing come out in January and are the listings that changes are made to and then returned to this office. You will need to locate your "eNoticesOnline Authorization Code". This is usually located right above or below your parcel or account number on your latest value notice, bill or statement.

    Once you have located it, go to eNoticesOnline. It is important that you type in your eNoticesOnline Authorization Code on signup.