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George K. Bennett, president of the Psychological Corporation of New York, as guest speaker last night at the University of Hawaii.

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Frank McLaughlin said he would recommend that Charles L. Kroe-ger, whose last local address was a Waikiki apartment, be sent to the U. Medical Center at Springfield, Mo. Hoyle," Spring Bymgton, Brett King.

George Brent. V f on this page. I t v he can receive Dsvchiatric treatment. McLaughlin sentenced Kroe- ger to a year's confiner ' on each of the first : counts, the terms to run consecutively.

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McLaughlin' grave a five-year prison sentence to Harvey S. Hoopiianina, 25, of Huali si. Edwin Dang of Honolulu. The child is Mei Wan Siu, 8. She is scheduled to arrive by Japan Air Lines about 6 p. Dang is assistant manager of Hawaii Camera Sales and Vrs. Dang is a JAL ground 'hostess. They already have one child, a year-o! Mei Wan is the first of about 30 overseas children already-set 1o come here for adoption under a new Federal law which provides for the adoptions to be arranged through the local state welfare agency. The second child is expected later this month, from Japan.

It is not Known whdmade the first envelope. Try it free. Get access to this page with a Free Trial. Get access to Newspapers. Exclusive licensed content from premium publishers like the The Honolulu Advertiser Archives through last month Continually updated.

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Javascript required: We're sorry, but Newspapers. You will need to enable Javascript by changing your browser settings. Learn how to enable it. Cookies required: We're sorry, but Newspapers. You will need to enable cookies by changing your browser settings. He broke one of his arms but returned safely to his home in Waddington 11 May 16, Mr. Dexter's house burned Mrs. Dexter's dwelling in Heuvelton burned along with all its contents Apr. Green survives ordeal in woods a Mrs. Green and her baby were lost in the woods near Ft. Covington for almost 6 days but survived 11 Nov. Wiiliam and his brother Isaac Myers were put in jail to await trial 10 Sep.

Bull have permission to change theuir surname to Gordon. The order lists the reason for the change. Bull , of the Chicago Dollar Newspaper is also of the same family, but was not mentioned in the order 11 Jan. Nash, James a laborer who had lived in Ogdensburg about a year was badly hurt May 18, He was backing a wagon load of chips to the river about 30 rods below the court house in Ogdensburg, and the horses overturned the wagon with him on it.

He was shockingly bruised and his life is dispaired of. He has a wife and four children 10 May 19, new common school system a new system was put into place in for the qualifying of teachers. The new plan will help save money in the estimated common school districts in the county 11 Dec. Russell was nominated to be the County Clerk until the next general election. He is completing the term of the late Alvin Low who died in June 11 Jul.

The ground is very suitable for a burying ground as it is high and dry, far preferable to the watery seclusion to which the dead have heretofore been consigned 11 Aug. Allen announces that he has taken in his sons David and Walter B.

Key West Citizen ( September 14, 1936 )

Allen into partnership, and that they will continue to do business at Water St. It is to be called "Flackville" 11 Jul.

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Any information on his whereabouts would be appreciated 11 Nov. The paper was finally issued in Potsdam instead of Canton on Mar. Goodrich and Wilson. This makes 5 newspapers being published in the county 11 May 1, Northern State Road commisioners were appointed Sep. Tyler and son 11 May 22, Ogdensburg-Heuvelton Plank Road the road is now almost completed, except for a mile and a half stretch in the middle.

The toll house has been built, but no tolls are to be chrged until it is finished. A report Sep. The toll is 10 cents. David Simpson has been contracted to extend the road 3 miles towards DeKalb 11 Jul. Sheriff Elderkin for passing counterfits. He is a tall, dark, black hair, good looking man about 30 11 Oct.

He is 6 ft tall, light complexion, wearing home-made grey pants, coat and a large fur cap. His wife seeks any information 11 Apr. He offered a one cent reward for his return 11 Apr. Hodson , J. Clark and W. Comins followed the track 4 miles and shot the panther. They dragged it back to town and were treated as heroes 11 Nov. Henry and sent to Sackets Harbor. Some were pardoned and some had never been arraigned 6 Aug.

They were part of a group pardoned a year ago, and parted company with 5 of their comrades in Utica. They are all in destitute circumstances 11 Mar. Barlow of SLC 11 Apr. Henry near Kingston escaped and 13 of them made it to safety in Watertown 11 Aug. Issue of Jan. Clark , 18, of Franklin Co. Henry near Kingston signed a statement discouraging other Americans from attacking Canada.

He was warmly greeted by his friends after a separation of 8 years. On June 10, , a number of friends accompanied him to his father's house in Madrid Village 11 June 16, Patriot War prisoners in Hawaii on May 16, , 26 prisoners from Van Dieman's Land penal colony landed in Honolulu in the Sandwich Islands on the whaling ship Steiglitz and were seeking passage to the US.

Wilson , both of SLC. Thet had been captured in at the Windmill near Prescott, Ont.

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Robert G. Collins who is also from SLC and was released at the same time April does not appear to be with them. Officials supected David C. Payne , a temporary worker at the Ogdensburg PO.

He had gone to Somerville 2 weeks earlier and was intending to go to Michigan. Also arrested was his brother Welcome Payne of Antwerp. By the time he got there, it was determined that the notes were genuine. The people in Parishville admitted that they thought it was counterfeit because of the way HE looked, not the money 10 Nov.

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