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But eBay will soon switch over to a product-based shopping model. Product-based shopping focuses on the product, not the seller. No matter how many sellers offer it, used or new, only one page will exist. Just look at Amazon to see how this works:. Soon eBay buyers too will see product pages that combine all listings of the same product.

In most cases, eBay will feature just one to four listings above the fold. They will bury all but the very best sellers. You can see it yourself by using Group Similar Listings. As you can see below, that squashes 2, listings into just 92 product pages! There are 56 listings of this particular Roku streaming device. Product-based shopping makes it look like there is only one listing:. All other listings appear below the fold.

They are, in fact, chopped liver:. When eBay finishes its updates, all buyers will use something like Group Similar Listings.

Listing-based shopping will disappear. You will have to fight hard for those few precious above-the-fold slots in order to get any views on eBay. The two big strategies for getting more views on eBay are having:. Use the following tips to make your listings the best they can be both before and after the update and get more eBay views:. SEO stands for search engine optimization and refers to techniques for getting your webpage or listing to show up first in searches.

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Almost any well-optimized listing has good odds of getting noticed right now. It will be required.

And as the catalogue takes over, it may make some aspects of SEO meaningless. Keywords will likely go the way of fax machines: not useless, but only important to a few businesses. However, if you list something nobody else sells, then every detail of classic eBay SEO will still matter. That includes keywords. And one of the biggest parts of seller-specific SEO is customer service. Customer service affects your view count more than almost anything else on eBay.


This infographic from ChannelReply shows how better service can get your listings in the spotlight:. If you can reply quickly and well to every buyer message, eBay will prioritize your listings and you will get more views. Improving your customer service is often the only change you need to make. Just look at eBay Guaranteed Delivery.

Just as Amazon Prime delivers in two days, Guaranteed Delivery promises delivery by a deadline usually three days.

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You get:. This will let you compete with the best sellers on eBay. That means you even improve your odds of selling to buyers who research on other websites. It was originally posted here. The info came from a customer survey. You can show up at the top of every search. But if you have bad photos, your competitors will get all the views! You can take professional-looking photos on a small budget.

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The change comes as eBay rolls out other updates, including using machine-learning and augmented reality to help sellers find the right-sized box to ship their products in. We asked ourselves, 'How do we get people to walk into the right store? We can adapt and adjust the experience based on what we know about people and what people tell us about them. But when you get customers to shop on more than one category, they buy more and discover more on the platform. Contact Leticia Miranda at leticia. Got a confidential tip?

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