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You do not have to change the title for a name change only, but we suggest you do so if possible. We will match the full legal name on your driver license. You must get a new Nevada Evidence of Insurance with the name s exactly as they will be listed on the license and registration.

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An emission inspection and registration renewal are not required as long as one of the current owners remains on the new registration. You have the option of renewing your vehicle registration for a full year. You will need to complete an emission inspection if required and if the last test was completed more than 90 days ago.

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Your expiration date will change if the current expiration date is more than 35 days away. Credit will be given for the unused portion of your current Nevada registration. If you are adding or dropping vehicle owners, you must change the vehicle title as well as the registration. We suggest changing it even if the owner s remain the same.

If you have the title, bring it with you.

Reno: Twentieth-Century Divorce Capital

If you have a loan or lease on the vehicle, you must ask the lienholder to approve the change. The lienholder may ask you to sign either the title or a power of attorney. The lienholder may wish to refinance any loan if you are adding or dropping vehicle owners. The lienholder will have to apply for the new title and issue you a letter, including the Vehicle Identification Number, stating they will do so.

You may also satisfy the lien and bring the signed-off title to the DMV. Lienholders who are not familiar with Nevada procedures should call Title Research at for exact instructions.

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To transfer vehicles into a Family Trust, you must ask any lienholder to approve the change. The lienholder may ask you to sign either the title or a power of attorney, and may wish to refinance any loan. Clark County, Nevada Marriage Index, Use Archives. Pay-for-use after the seven day free trial.

Source: Carson City Recorder's Office.

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Source: Douglas County Recorder's Office. Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce Records. From the Nevada State Library and Archives. Index for marriages in western states, including mostly pre marriages in Arizona, Idaho and Nevada.

A blood test is not necessary for you to be issued a marriage license in the state of Nevada. The person that performs your wedding ceremony in Reno needs to have a Certificate of Authority to Perform Marriages issued by a County Clerk in the state of Nevada. Authorized persons include members of religious clergy, judges, and justices of the peace.

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