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Any minister of the gospel may perform wedding ceremonies.

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Jewish rabbis may also officiate over marriage ceremonies. Anyone officiating in this capacity must be at least 18 years old. The minister must sign the marriage license and deliver it to a clerk affiliated with the county court no later than three days after the marriage has occurred. The information provided on this site is not legal advice, does not constitute a lawyer referral service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or will be formed by use of the site.

Information on Common Law Marriages in Tennessee

The attorney listings on this site are paid attorney advertising. In some states, the information on this website may be considered a lawyer referral service. Please reference the Terms of Use and the Supplemental Terms for specific information related to your state. Toggle navigation LawFirms. Search Term. Another way substance abuse may impact a divorce is if it can be shown that one spouse spent considerable community asset resources to feed their habit.

This will influence the courts regarding a division of assets and possibly on spousal support as well.

Common Law Marriage in Texas

Bifurcation means that both parties in a divorce can legally declared as a single person while the other issues in their divorce are still being worked out. It does not affect things such as child custody, visitation, child support, alimony or other contentious issues that may have stalled or become major sticking points that are keeping the divorce from being finalized.

In Tennessee, bifurcation is allowed in some instances. The court can refuse to bifurcate the issues if it believes doing so will create inefficiency and additional unreasonable costs and expenses both to the parties and to the court. Bifurcation is generally granted when spouses are not able to reach reasonable solutions and time is of the essence, or there are other legitimate necessary reasons as to why all of the issues cannot be resolved at the hearing.

You are required to make mandatory disclosures about your assets when you get a divorce in Tennessee. This is so that your assets can be classified as either marital or separate and then divided equitably. Each spouse must submit this information under the penalty of perjury. If a spouse lies, they could be liable for civil and criminal penalties.


If a spouse refuses to exchange information, then the court can order the spouse to do so and hold them accountable for any associated fees. When one spouse fails to respond to a divorce complaint in Tennessee, the courts may award a divorce by default. After a spouse has been served with papers, they have 30 days to respond in writing to any claims made in the complaint.

If no response is filed, the plaintiff may seek a default judgment and award what was requested in the original complaint.

Tennessee Marital Property Laws

If a spouse can show that he or she did not receive proper notice of the divorce proceedings, the court may agree to set aside the judgment. This will void the default decree and a new hearing will be ordered to determine the terms of the divorce. Tennessee does not have specific grounds for divorce related to domestic violence but there are grounds that are similar. One of the fault-based grounds is that one spouse has subjected the other to such cruel and inhuman treatment that cohabitation is unsafe.

Courts can issue temporary protective orders before or after a spouse files for divorce.

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Spouses can also seek a permanent protective order that can last up to one year or longer if an extension is requested. Domestic violence will most certainly have an impact on child custody and visitation rights in Tennessee. A judge will not order shared custody where the threat of violence may be present.

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No visitation or supervised visitation may be ordered depending on the nature of the violence and whether it was directed specifically at the children. Tennessee law states that you cannot remove your spouse from a health insurance policy before a divorce is finalized. Technically, there is no change in circumstances when a couple is only separated.

Nothing officially changes until a final divorce decree has been issued. After a divorce, most employers and health plans will not continue to cover an ex-spouse. At that time, they will be removed from coverage. However, it may be possible to negotiate a spouse paying for health insurance as part of spousal support or a spouse can also apply for COBRA benefits which is a law that protects people from losing health coverage during major life transitions.

It allows coverage for up to three years as long as premiums are paid. In Tennessee, it is one of the fault-based reasons that can be cited when filing for divorce. Certain state and federal laws come into play if a member of the military is involved in a divorce in Tennessee. Once forms have been filed to begin the divorce, copies must be served on the spouse to give him or her a chance to respond. When one spouse is in the military, they have certain protections afforded to them by the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act that allow them to postpone the divorce while they are overseas or otherwise not able to adequately respond to the petition due to military service commitments.

When couples get married, the furthest thing from their minds is how property might get divided in the event of a divorce. Who wants to think of the end of a marriage during their honeymoon? The fact is, roughly half of all marriages end in divorce, at which point all property acquired by a couple during their marriage -- called " marital property " -- becomes subject to division. Tennessee is not a community property state. If you are and your spouse are actually able to agree on who gets what, you may file a Marital Dissolution Agreement PDF.

However, you must agree on everything in the request; not have minor children; not be pregnant; along with other stipulations. Otherwise, marital property is divided by a judge, who bases his or her decision on a number of factors more details after the infobox.

Note: State laws are constantly changing. So while FindLaw makes every effort to ensure that state laws are current, you may want to contact a Tennessee divorce attorney or conduct your own legal research to verify the state law s you are researching.