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Whether or not you personally have a copy of the marriage certificate doesn't impact this fact. Hi Felis. Contact the office that recorded your marriage license. It's often the same office that issued the license, but in some jurisdictions it can be split between different offices. If you specify the city, county, and state the marriage took place in, I can tell you which office distributes marriage certificate copies.

I'm working on my DAR registery and needed a copy of my parents marriage certificate. The woman helping me thru this process had told me that my parents marriage certificate requires a court order. My dad drowned in June My mom just passed November 23 She did not have a copy that I could find in her records…. Why would my parent's marriage certificate require a court order to obtain?

Thank you kindly. Because they obtained a confidential marriage license instead of a regular marriage license. This is exclusive to California. Hello Valera, My husband and I were married 47 years ago. My current employer signed up with an audit agency to make sure everyone working had legitimate reasons to have a spouse or child on our insurance. They are asking for a Certificate of Marriage as one of these.

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I did call the county where we were married but there is not a marriage certificate on file, just all of the paperwork to get one. The County Clerk emailed those documents to me. Can I still get a Certificate of Marriage after this long? Hi Sheri. Some states have a state-level vital records division that may have a copy of your certificate. You may want to try contacting them. Some states have procedures in place to reestablish a marriage record via affidavit.

That's typically handled by the county clerk's office. If the only document you can supply is a marriage application or marriage license, that may be sufficient for the audit agency. You may have to supplement it with an affidavit attesting to the fact of your marriage. I am newly wed to a Japanese man. It is after a month that we were married but he became evil after can I stop the process of marriage certificate even I am married for one month? Hi Lyn. Stopping the marriage certificate wouldn't end the marriage.

You'd need to seek either an annulment or divorce. Hi my name is whitney my question is : i got married 5 years ago and immediately afterwards i went to the dmv and changed my name on my drivers license but i never went to change my social security card. Then my marriage license and old ssc and birth certificate burned in a fire. So to get my ssc changed to my married name ill need my marriage license right?

So do i go to record office get a new birth certificate and marriage license then go to ssoffice and change my name? Im just wondering what im suppose to get first bc right now all i have is a drivers license that has my married name. Which step do i take first in order to obtain my birth certificate marriage license and ssc with married name… Lol sorry if im confusing. Hi Whitney. You can get a certified copy of your marriage certificate from the office that recorded your marriage license.

Birth certificate copies are available at the office that recorded it.

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Me and my fiance want to get married in july his brother got ordained to marry us is that legal? Also when we file for the marriage licence will it also b for the marriage certificate or will his brother get that also would we put his last name on mine if i want to change my last name im in the state of maine. You'll be issued a "license and certificate of marriage" but it's not the same as the marriage certificate. The eventual certificate, which is what you'll use to change your name after marriage, won't be available until your marriage has occurred and license has been returned for recording.

He'll be responsible for filling out the ceremony portion of the license and certificate and returning it for recording. I'm not sure what you're asking here. The application doesn't ask you to specify new last names, which doesn't prevent you from changing your last name.

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If you're referring to something else, please clarify. I am in Hernando county Fla. I am disabled and widowed twice. Social security wants a marriage license to my 2nd husband because it has my maiden. Best way to get this? Hi Laura. Hi there. My significant other and I are thinking of getting married in a courthouse so we can be "married on paper" before he enrolls in the military and completes a year of tech school. Then we are thinking of having an "official" wedding with actual guests, an event.

I'm not sure whether it will be a church ceremony, but yeah… with a pastor perhaps? Will we need to have the official wedding in the same state as being married in the courthouse or would we be allowed to marry somewhere else without having to get a marriage license again? You can marry elsewhere and you won't have to get another marriage license. The subsequent ceremony should be considered informal and doesn't involve the state.

Because of the new laws for getting a driver's license renewed in Indiana, I will have to show my birth certificate which has both of my given names. Also I have to show original marriage certificates. When I was married both times, since I had not been using my first name, only my middle name appears on the certificates. Will this interfere with my getting my license renewed? Hi Ann. It shouldn't be a problem. If additional identity verification documents are request, it'll be specified for you.

Do we automatically get our original marriage certificate in the mail without sending that paper in or do I need to fill it out asap to get our marriage certificate? Not sure if I should be expecting one in the mail soon automatically or if I was supposed to send that copy application paperwork in order to receive our certificate. You'll only automatically get a certified copy of your marriage certificate in the mail if you ordered one at the same time you submitted your marriage license application.

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Otherwise, you'll have to purchase it separately using the form you have. The original version remains with the county clerk's office that issued your marriage license and subsequently recorded your marriage onto a marriage certificate. Certified copies are derived from the original. Hi, I have a complicated question for you.

I live in Los Angeles and got married a little over a year ago. I took my husband's last name on our marriage certificate.

Just a few months ago, my husband decided to get a court ordered name change to shorten his last name. I understand that in order to take his new, shortened last name, I need to go to court, however is the new name on my marriage certificate legally binding?

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Am I going from my maiden name to his new shortened last name? Hi my marriage was 27april arranged marriage so I didn't apply marriage certificate can i apply now it's possible to get certificate or not?

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And my state telangana where can I go and apply the certificate please response me.. Hi, I got married to a guy in NY at his home in the backyard with all Hindu rituals. The only witnesses present were his parents and his siblings. The witnesses names and their signatures listed on the marriage certificate were not the actual witnesses present at the ceremony. The real witnesses were the guys family members who were present and none of their names were listed on the document. The marriage was not registered.

The only proof of marriage is the pictures and videos. Is this a valid marriage? Hi Kaur. Witness discrepancy comes into play if someone were to challenge the validity of your marriage. They want to get married in Arizona in August in front of a JP at the courthouse and also in Texas in December of the same year where most of the brides family is located.

Would they have to apply for a Texas license and get married in Arizona? Or apply for one in Arizona and it be valid in Texas? Would they have to apply 2 times: once in Arizona and once in a Texas for a remarriage? Or what would be the proper procedure? That's possible, as Texas supports a vow renewal marriage license. The application is the same, it's just that the couple must answer "yes" to the question about whether or not they're currently married.

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Apply in the state the marriage ceremony will be held. Arizona marriage licenses are only valid in Arizona.