What is the id number for pokemon pearl

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Pokemon platinum and pearl action replay codes? More questions. List of. Can someone provide me with a list of all the event dates, locations and Pokemon? Can you complete the Sinnoh Dex in Platinum? Are there any Pokemon that are currently available through event in Platinum?

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Is there going to get anymore Platinum Mystery Gifts? Apr 04, Okay so I got a AR code to get Scizor in the mining museum but I dont even know where the mining museum is. Where is the mining museum Pokemon.

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Is there an action replay code for DSi that can triggers. Go to mining museum, then talk to guy behind desk and you should get a lvl 20 Spiritomb. Top Tabs When you activate code go into the mining museum and talk to the guy you get the fossils revived from and talk to him and you should get the pokemon you want. Sep 16, Whats the Action replay code for The mining museum any pokemon code? Please i saw one but it did not work so id like the one from neoseeker cause i cant see it anymore thanyou Update: Did i mention its pokemon pearl sorry lol. Feb 11, You need to use Action Replay.

The 3 Xs in the code should be replaced with the numbers after each Pokemon on the right of the code. To recieve the Pokemon, go to the Mining Museum in Orberg City and talk to the man at the front counter, then he will give you the Pokemon.

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May 18, i have the action replay code that gets you any pokemon you want from the mining museum. Use one at a time. Tested and works. Type in action replay code for azure flute on youtube a video will pop up on the side click more info Toggle navigation. There is also a man at the front desk that will revive Fossils in the party for free.

What is the ID of Pokemon pearl

Unlike some other museums, entry to the Oreburgh Mining Museum is free of charge. Action replay codes for:? Pokemon Platinum Version If you want those pokemon, you can get most of them in the mining museum. Action Replay??? Help Me!!! What is the action replay code in Pokemon Platinum for Apr 02, What is the action replay code in Pokemon Platinum for getting any pokemon in the mining museum? Status: Resolved pokemon platinum mining museum shadow lugia Any pokemon in mining museum Action Replay Codes for Pokemon.

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List of Can someone tell me this in Platinum? Where is the mining museum? Where is the mining museum Pokemon Mining Museum Code question.

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These mons do not get good moves until much higher in level as such I recommend switch training until they learn good moves bite : Zubat and Shinx. These mons will require the help of learning moves apart from their movesets to do any good:. HM rock smash for Geodude and Bidoof especially you. Chimchar if you choose it and is too impatient for the good fighting move. Keep Zubat and Budew in your party throughout your training to keep the friendships high.

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Budew gets access to Stun Spore at level As you will be training really high leveled mons I suggest keeping stun spore incase you are having trouble with catching anything. As for Zubat it should be able to evolve by the next level if you kept it that long.

It took my about an hour for it to evolve which saved quite a bit of time.

Switch training was also not as torturous with 44 exp each time. Every other mon not metioned will be fine training on its own. Except Starly but it should be able to 2 hit ko geodudes by that time. Learn from my mistakes don't just catch the first one you come across. You are going to be here for hours, there is no rush. I provided the highest level for each mon possible so that you don't have to suffer the extra exp like me.

Huzzah Part Two has arrived.

Yea I did mess up with Onix being only at level 8 then level 9. But because onix does not need to be evolved I have left the level at that. But don't worry I didn't forget about that. Otherwise you lock yourself out from the very start. So, I just started Pearl myself, and there is one 'mon missing from your list to grab before Roark.

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The thing is a nightmare to find, but it is the earliest you can encounter it. Holy bejeez. This entire time I though Psyduck was only obtainable after beating roark cause you would need rock smash to access it. Thanks my dude. This is not to nitpick or anything but I am pretty sure Starly evolves at lv.