My car says check gages

What could be the cause of that. The "Check Gauges" light means just that.

GMC Envoy Oil Pressure And Check Gauges Light- Live Chat

Look at all the gauges while engine is running and see which one is not in it's normal range. Gas gauge doesn't matter. Temperature gauge should be about degrees, voltage should be about 14 volts, and oil pressure at idle is about 40 psi.

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If any of them are not where they should be, take a closer look at that function. I suspect it is the oil pressure gauge is trying to tell you something, especially if you say there is a rattle when you drive engine clatter.

GuruH answered about a month ago. My grand cherokee is doing the same thing now how did u fix this please help.

My jeep grand Cherokee check gages light is on and oil gage dropped to 0. Just repairing anything probably won't cut it. You need to find out what went wrong before spending a lot of money needlessly. Mike Wright.

Strange Behavior on Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ 5.2l Oil Pressure Gauge

I found out exactly what it was. The ignition switch! It's located inside the steering column, right next to the key cylinder. It's a black square box with wires coming out of it. Back Answers Index. Cadillac Repair guides and support for luxury automobiles by Cadillac.

Jerry Rep: 1 1 3. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. It'll go a week or two and not do it, then all the sudden it will. The car is a 97' firebird, v6. I'd say your presumption is correct that there may be a bad connection or corroded wire somewhere.

I'd give the battery cables a good look for a starting point.

What Does It Mean When Your Car Has the "check Gauges" Light On?

I have had the same problem. I bought my 02 firebird 3. The second day I had it, I had just gone to the gas station and filled it up. As I slowed down to turn right to get on the freeway onramp, my bird just died out on me.

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No warning, felt like I was running out of gas. No warning lights ever came on at the time nor were my gages showing bad levels. A couple of times I was at a stop light and the engine would shut off while waiting and when I gave it gas, no power. So I turned off the engine and was able to restart it right away.