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Statcounter makes it easy to identify internet bots from real human visitors by surfacing your visitors ISP name, the navigation path they took through your site and whether or not javascript is enabled.

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Set alerts to be notified when an individual visitor returns to your website. Chose to be alerted by email or on your mobile device via the Statcounter mobile app.

How To Track Any Email IP Address and their Location

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See who's stalking you. Identify anonymous stalkers, nuisance visitors and spammers. Identify bots vs. Be on the alert. Downsides of having your IP out in the ether are quite obvious, and very similar to having your home address up online. First of all, having this info out there endangers your personal security as well as your cybersecurity.

Even without having any other information aside from your IP, a hacker or an unscrupulous company can see your city, your language, as well as the way you are connecting. They might see that you are using iPhone Safari to browse the web and send some tailored phishing content your way to hook you up and steal the rest of your data.

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Hacking ISPs is not done with a computer, but with a phone call. Someone can call your ISP and say that they are experiencing issues with their connection and ask for a team. Then, they will ask for the support to confirm the address, giving your home address and name.

Why Is My IP Address Visible & how to Disable the IP Address Tracker?

Finally, leaving your IP public and traceable can damage your devices and disclose your location to hackers and criminals. That way, your mobile device might be affected, transferring the virus or spyware to your home devices, creating further issues. Your personal information is the first thing you should be cautious of when on the internet.

While you might think that there is nothing that your data can be used for, you will be astounded how many crimes can be committed with just a few pieces of data. First of all, your info can be used for identity theft. A hacker can use your IP to find out your address, as well as access your devices.

Once they have access to your banking details or your social security number, they can make a double and start misusing your identity to cash in on your good name, or even commit crime leaving you out to take the fall. Additionally, your personal information can be used to scam your friends, co-workers, and other connections.

As they know that these people will trust you, they will send malware to them pretending to be you, damaging your reputation. Finally, your personal information can be used together with IP tracking to steal both from your bank account and even your home. While this is something related more to businesses than to individual internet users, IP spamming can happen to anyone that is targeted.

How to find someone’s IP address on Facebook

It works by creating a bunch of programs that are all made to send useless, empty, or even malicious data to your IP address. Also, your IP address can be hijacked and used as a spamming waypoint, placing you on a spammer list and disabling your access to multiple services. Like most people, you are probably paying monthly or weekly bills to your ISP for that internet connection and using your name, address, or maybe even credit card information. This means that a hacker can use your IP to match it with a bill paid to that ISP, finding out your name, as well as many other data points.

Having your IP public opens you out for targeted attacks.

How To Trace an IP Address: Myth Versus Reality - Ask Leo!

In most cases, you will be noticed by some hacker or criminal group, either because of your social media posts or by making your shopping lists public. As they already have your name and the IP of the device that made the posts, they believe that it will be very easy to track down your other information and DOX you. And, if you are not using a VPN, it is very easy. They just need to use an IP address lookup, and they will see much of your info right there. An IP lookup tool is even free and accessible online.

The least troublesome but most annoying issue when having any IP on any device public is that you are opening yourself to spamming and malware. It will just be added to a list and used to send any information, at any possible time, to your IP. As previously mentioned, one of the steps in hacking your bank account is finding out your home address. This alone can be quite a problem as it may give burglars and other criminals a general idea if there is any security in your home and if you are sometimes out of the house.

They can even follow you on social media and wait until you tell them that you are out, using that time to break into your home and take anything of value. This can become an even bigger issue if you were targeted and posted pictures, making a burglar come into your home, which often leads to violence. Aside from your personal safety and information, there are also dangers that will impact your devices, even if you never experience any problems on your person.

How Your IP Address Could Lead Anyone to Your Front Door

This can end up in stealing your content, your data, your information, but can also be used to hijack your devices to do other things. The real issues with any IP address tracker are when they are following your mobile devices, as that is basically telling everyone your exact situation at the moment. Conspiracy theorists have long argued that the government is going to install chips in us and track us wherever we go. Triangulation is an incorrect term in this case, as it is a remnant from the time where you needed to hack three reception towers to get an approximate location of a mobile phone user.

Now, with mobile data, there is literally a satellite in orbit tracking your phone to a radius of about 3 feet. If criminals know your geographical location and when there is a long list of issues you may have, anything from burglary to kidnapping is on the table as you are announcing to everyone what is your current location.

Why is my IP address not safe while using Incognito mode?

Unlike desktops and laptops that usually run some sort of firewall bundled with the operating system, mobile devices are much more susceptible to attacks. Especially for faster and newer phones, you might not even experience a slowdown of the machine, which will be running monitoring apps. Same as with malware sent to you over your email, your connected device can be spammed and bombarded with malicious software, as well as just bloatware. While this is not dangerous even with average levels of cybersecurity, it is bothersome and annoying.