How to find if someone has a warrant

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Check For Warrants

Call the court clerk. If you would like to speak to someone, you can call the court directly. You can call any court in the state that you believe the warrant may be in, because states maintain a warrant database that can be accessed from any state court. Do not identify yourself; instead, simply ask if there is an outstanding warrant for "Person X" using your name here in a criminal or civil case.

Have the following information ready: the case number if you know it , name, birth date, and Social Security number. Keep in mind that for some cases such as family and juvenile delinquency cases, and domestic violence cases involving protective, peace, or restraining orders, you may not be able to find information through the court clerk. However, the clerk should still be able to tell you about an arrest warrant, even if he or she cannot give your specific information on the case itself.

Criminal cases are mostly public record, so you should not have an issue getting information on these. However, some types of civil cases are not public record, such as family and juvenile delinquency cases, and domestic violence cases involving protective, peace, or restraining orders.

For these types of cases, consider consulting a bail bondsman or attorney. You can also call the county, state, or federal clerk's office. Note that if you call from your own phone, the police may be able to locate and arrest you. They can trace the phone number to an address, or to any billing information associated with that phone number. If you are nervous about calling yourself, ask a close friend or family member to call for you. Check the public records at a county courthouse. You can use the computers at your county court to search warrants.

If you feel uncomfortable doing this yourself, ask someone to do it for you a friend, family member, attorney, or bail bondsman. Most minor offenses will not lead to an immediate arrest. You may be able to pay a fine and settle the matter quickly. Use an online third-party service. There are a number of websites that can perform a warrant search for you.

Some are free, and others charge a fee. For example, they may provide vital statistics and property ownership, but not information about arrest warrants. For this reason, these services should be a last resort.

Are Any Cases Excluded From an Online Public Records Search?

Find out when the warrant was issued. Sometimes people can be completely unaware that they have a warrant out for their arrest. Knowing when the warrant was issued could shed light on some important details. There may be fines associated with your charge that have been accumulating since the warrant was issued.

These will be listed among the warrant information. Additionally, in some case, if the warrant was issued long ago, a person cannot be prosecuted for the crime. It is not that the warrant has expired, but some crimes have a limited statute of limitations period in which the suspect can be prosecuted. Therefore, if you believe that you may have a warrant out for your arrest for an underlying incident that occurred over 2 years ago, look up the charge that would appear on the warrant or something similar to see if there is a limit on the time that the warrant would be valid.

Inquire about the charges. Vital information includes the date of offense, the details of the charges, and the case type e.

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The severity of your charge may influence your choice of legal representation. Also note any date of conviction, sentencing, disposition, and probation, if they apply to your case. Note the bail amount. Deal with the warrant as soon as possible. Regardless of the charge, the best thing you can do for yourself is to respond quickly.

Being proactive about your warrant helps you avoid being arrested publicly and at inopportune times.

Difference Between Open and Active Warrants

Moreover, it limits any accruing fees. Contact an attorney. In the event that a warrant has been issued for a major offense, you will most likely want to contact a criminal defense lawyer. An attorney can help you understand your warrant and will make suggestions as to possible next steps. In addition, an attorney can accompany you to the local court to inquire about your warrant.

Bring the warrant number and all relevant information you have so far. Avoid picking the first name you see in the phonebook or any other advertisement. Instead, get a referral from someone who's been in a similar situation, or someone knows a good attorney. You can also find attorneys by looking at your state bar association website. Meet with the attorney first to make sure that they're someone you're comfortable with and can trust. If you're unable to pay for a lawyer, contact the public defender's office of the county where your warrant was issued.

Ask to speak with the duty attorney and explain you'd like to clear your warrant. Turn yourself in.

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Turning yourself in can help make the process smoother, reducing the risk of more severe punishment and fines, and, in some cases, the creation of a criminal record. Start by turning yourself in to the courthouse clerk. Ask for information about what steps to take next, but make sure you have the right clerk. For county and state warrants, talk to the county clerk; for federal warrants, talk to the clerk of the U. You may establish an account to receive calls from an inmate in the jail.

For more information visit the Call Inmates webpage.

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Criminal Defense Attorney: How To Tell If There's a Warrant for Your Arrest