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It will look like the card below. Some important things to look for are included.

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Your Medicare number is usually the same as or very similar to your Social Security number. Be sure to keep your card and number safe.

If you’ve never had a National Insurance number

Do not share them with anyone except your doctors. If you sign up for Part C Medicare Advantage , Part D prescription drug or a Medigap plan or have Medicaid , you will be mailed a separate membership card. Keep these cards safe and bring them with your Medicare card to the doctor or the pharmacy. You will need to let your providers know which plans you have.

If you lose your Medicare card, you can ask for a new one from Social Security either online or by telephone:.

Your Medicare card

Social Security will mail you a new card in about 30 days. If you need proof sooner, just let Social Security know. They can give you proof that you can use until you get a replacement card. No matter which type of Medicare coverage you have, you have certain rights and responsibilities. You also have the right to choose someone to help you make decisions about your Medicare coverage, called an authorized representative.

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This person is only authorized to help you with Medicare — with joining a plan, quitting a plan, finding out information about your insurance and handling claims and payments. An authorized representative cannot make decisions about your medical care. You can also sign a form to make someone else your authorized representative.

Download the form. To find current location, employer and financial information is the most useful. When the custodial parent does not provide this, state programs use a variety of tools at the federal, interstate, state, and local levels.

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These include:. When the agency has sufficient information i. State child support agencies must access all appropriate location sources within 75 calendar days of determining that location efforts are needed, and ensure that location information is sufficient to take the next appropriate action. States must repeat efforts to locate parents quarterly , or as soon as new information is available, when initial efforts fail. The state must establish policies defining diligent efforts to serve process for child support.

How to Find People by Social Security Number

Service of process is the procedure to give legal notice to the person that a court or administrative proceeding is filed against them and allow them to respond to the proceeding. These policies must include periodically repeating service of process attempts in cases when adequate identifying information exists to reach the noncustodial parent. States can also perform locate services through their own automated computer systems.

It can be part of a statewide child support enforcement system or a separate process.

Social Security

The State PLS accesses all relevant sources of information and records available in the state, and in other states as appropriate, for locating custodial parents, noncustodial parents, and children for IV-D purposes. The State PLS consists of multiple systems and interfaces with the statewide child support enforcement system and is likely to include:.

Employers are required to report all newly hired employees within 20 days of hire. States can also search the case registry for parents who may already have a child support order. If a parent is located through the data matching process, the automated system will notify the responsible caseworker of the source of the location information for example, if it came from the FPLS or a state source.

Caseworkers can review the information and verify the data with the appropriate sources. When the agency does not have sufficient information, the caseworker will attempt to use appropriate manual sources, such as the post office, telephone companies, contacting friends and relatives, and more recently, social networking sites such as Facebook.

In cases where the noncustodial parent lives in a different state, the agency must refer the case to the IV-D agency of the other state. The IV-D agency of the other state shall repeat the procedures, as necessary. We cannot offer legal advice or assistance with individual cases, but we do try to answer questions on general topics. NCSL staff in D.