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How long after the divorce lawsuit was actually filed would that be? What if, in addition to a divorce, someone wants the kids and a stream of cash to accompany them? Part of the reason is that you can't file a custody petition until you're physically separated; separate bedrooms is not sufficient," says Kerr.

Child Custody

At mediation the parties will attempt to work out a schedule. If the parents fail then the mediator will make a recommendation under our guidelines. Is it an Alaska-style "courts shouldn't be picking winners" and "it would be unconstitutional to run a system in which mothers nearly always prevail over fathers" idea? Even if one parent is doing more, if the child was seeing both parents on a daily basis, keeping an equal schedule will preserve the attachment.

Three psychologists helped with the guidelines. GALs are reserved for the truly horrible cases, e. You'd have trouble getting one in a private case.

The Best Interests of the Child Standard

It depends on the number of witnesses. Ker says that attorneys also use this form. She cited Dalton v. Clanton and a case Ford v. The Supreme Court agreed with the father that the guideline number should not be used:. When the income of an individual is substantial, he or she will use a smaller percentage of that income to maintain a certain standard of living as compared to an individual with less income. This is because, outside of unusually extravagant lifestyles, only a limited sum can be spent on a standard of living.

At some point income is directed less and less towards "needs" and more and more towards savings or investments and thus becomes part of an individual's estate.

Shared Custody Guidelines in Kent and Sussex County, DE

The Delaware Child Support Statute certainly contemplates that children share in their parents' standard of living, even a somewhat luxurious standard of living. See 13 Del. But it does not direct or authorize the Family Court to distribute a parent's estate. The Family Court has no duty or authority to order payments which go beyond the demands of reasonable and generous support, meaning, in this context, enough to share in the respective lifestyles of the parents.

As with most appeals it is unclear if the father prevailed in practice. The Supreme Court sent the case back to the trial court with the following instructions:.

The court should determine what amount is necessary for the children to share in the heightened standard of living of their more affluent parent. It should then determine what amount of child support would be required in light of those enhanced needs and order that amount paid. Child support can be collected in Delaware until a child turns 18 or, if the child hasn't graduated high school, until graduation but no later than the 19th birthday. Delaware courts do not have the ability to force a parent to pay a child's college expenses.

Child support is much less lucrative in Delaware than in New York or Massachusetts. However, especially when both parents work, obtaining custody of a child is not very profitable in Delaware. In addition to basic child support, Delaware's online calculator allocates "child care expenses" such that the person with the higher income would pay the majority share as a supplement.

A child support revenue stream is less secure than in most Northeastern states due to the relative ease with which the parenting time schedule can be modified. A child can voice a preference regarding a parenting time arrangement at any age. A teenager would physically move him or herself to the father's house but the father was never able to get a court to change orders assigning the adult child, and the accompanying cash flow, to the mother.

The child turned 23 and aged out of the Massachusetts system before a modification could be obtained.

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Delaware adheres to the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act and therefore it should be possible for parties to execute a "walk-away" prenuptial agreement in which each keeps his or her separate property and neither pays alimony to the other. As in other states, for most issues in most divorces the decision of a single human being, the trial judge, is a final and unreviewable decision: "I don't appeal unless it is a real legal issue," said Kerr. Delaware collects According to the courts. Census data show that 89 percent of adults in Delaware collecting child support are women; compare to 98 percent in neighboring Maryland.

Divorce Support - Delaware Divorce

They have a one-year-old child who is cared for by a nanny. The father is often home with the baby and nanny, but he spends most of his at-home time watching TV and surfing the Internet, leaving the child-rearing chores to the nanny. After two years of marriage , the mom sues for divorce, custody, and child support. Kerr says that this kind of case, in which the mother may pay the father, is "more common these days". Do the judges apply the law in a gender-neutral fashion in Delaware?

Men and women have different ideas regarding the concept of receiving support from an ex-spouse. Probably on a schedule moving to a schedule when the child is older. Any income for the father would reduce these payments due to Delaware's "income shares" child support system.

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If the father's current photography business is not profitable, Kerr says that income will be imputed to the father based on "[official Bureau of Labor Statistics] wage and salary surveys. Also, they can look at his tax return and see what deductions can be removed. Given that the father has no money, will a judge order the surgeon to pay his legal fees? What kind of alimony and property division could the slacker father collect?

Alimony varies with the judge but would be short-term at most. A year-old woman marries her year-old college sweetheart. After 14 years of marriage , they have four children, ages 3, 7, 9, They have shared child care duties roughly equally over the years. Now they can't stand to be in the same room together. He accuses her of having an affair. She accuses him of being verbally and emotionally abusive to her, but not to the kids.

Delaware Family Law Facts You Should Know

After a stormy argument in the kitchen, he moves in with a friend and she files for divorce, requesting sole custody and child support. The father answers the Complaint by requesting sole custody, but no child support. Both parents prefer as little post-divorce contact with the other as possible. Even if that PFA was not ultimately successful you'd get possession of the children and the father would have to file for visitation.

An year-old woman marries a medical resident. She spends the first four years of the marriage as a college undergraduate, earning a bachelor's degree, and then becomes a stay-at-home mother to two children. She files for divorce after 10 years of marriage. The kids are 5 and 2 years old at the time the divorce commences. For example, they can award it temporarily while the case is still pending. They can also give one party alimony while that party is attending a job training program.

According to Delaware law , courts consider several factors when deciding whether alimony is appropriate in a given case:. When a divorce involves children, the Delaware divorce courts go to great lengths to protect them from the divorce process. If the divorcing parents cannot reach a fair agreement regarding the custody of the children, the court steps in and resolves the issue. It is usually best for the children if the parents can reach an agreement instead of resorting to litigation.

In Delaware, before a judge will hear a custody or visitation case, both parents seeking parental rights must attend a parent education class. A list of approved classes can be found on the Delaware state divorce and annulment overview page. After the class, the instructor will give a certificate which must be presented to the court. When Delaware courts are called upon to resolve child custody disputes, the court uses several factors to determine the child's best interest.

Some factors that the court considers include:. Delaware considers that both parents have an obligation to support their child ren until the child ren reach the age of 18 or finish with high school. If parents cannot agree on child support, one parent can petition the other parent for support. Delaware offers a support calculator to help parents try to figure out the support they may owe, but factors see page 4 generally considered include:.

Child support is handled by the Division of Child Support Enforcement, and they will typically help a petitioning party file paperwork. It should be noted that failure to pay child support may result in having your license suspended until the support has been paid or arrangements made.

In most cases, divorce is less traumatic for everyone, especially children, if the spouses can reach an agreement early on. Talk to your spouse about important issues in your case. Negotiating your own settlement agreement can save you considerable time and expense.