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You believe in socializing and communication with others, enjoying your companies and going out often. The sociability is rather misleading and perhaps hides an isolated person who lives with the feeling of being always alone.

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Your relationships may seem impersonal and superficial, as if they lack the true feeling. Deep down, you may feel that you do not need others and coexistence with them. Some features of this mental disorder is the excessive stimulation of imagination and cognition in general and negativism.

If this unshaven but smiling gentleman caused negative feelings in you, you may have repressed some hyperactivity of your mind, which could make you lose touch with reality if it had not been transferred to your unconscious. You tend to adopt stereotypical behaviors and do not like innovations and changes. Your biggest fear is to lose self-control. When we talk about personality disorders associated with brain disease, damage and dysfunction as occurs in some cases of epilepsy , some of the diagnostic features can be impulsiveness, irritability, the outbursts of anger and aggression.

If this stout gentleman with a round head caused revulsion and fear in you, it is likely that early in your childhood you repressed some of such feelings and behaviors to your subconscious. It is most likely that you are a kind and peaceful person.

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Being meek and friendly, you give the impression of a responsible and self-controlled person. You are stable in your feelings and easily bond with people, ideas and objects. You are likely to have repressed some experiences from the first years of life associated with authoritarianism in your behavior, a need to dominate and a propensity for bad intentions. If you chose the portrait of this teacher may have repressed some offensive or demeaning to other behaviors in your unconscious.

You are likely to be a completely harmless and peaceful creature, always ready to help others. If you are an office worker, your superiors may find it difficult to handle you. When you do not want to do something, you create barriers for example, getting late to work or showing that you are in a bad mood.

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  • Often, when you have to defend yourself, you choose passive resistance and defiance, which in the long term exhaust those who created problems for you. Museum hours:. Search for:. Check NOW. KGB Espionage Museum tickets are available online or in the museum. Mandate to a young chekist. KGB Espionage Museum invites to take your prize!

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    You have a great opportunity to download the original mandate of you as young Chekist to remember the KGB Espionage Museum. Load More Follow on Instagram. Denial If the defense mechanism of denial worked, you may have a tendency to emphatically confirm your biological sex. Interpretations Maniac Repression Some diagnostic features of mania are extroversion, overstimulation, overestimation of self and a waste of money and emotions. Interpretations Depressive Repression Lack of self-esteem, feelings of inferiority and guilt are the main symptoms of depression.

    Denial Perhaps you are an outgoing and carefree person. Interpretations Hysteric Repression Some personality traits of hysterical people are superficial and unstable emotions, narcissism and exhibitionism. Denial You give the impression of a modest person with intense inwardness. Interpretations Schizophrenic Repression The schizophrenic personality is characterized by intense apathy, distortions of thought and incompatible emotions. Please note that latecomers will be seated during the intermission.

    The Museum maintains a regular schedule of concerts and poetry readings. Information about these events can be obtained here and also by calling the Museum during working hours at — The Museum's collection comprises more than paintings of the artist, exhibited on three floors of a classic townhouse in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In the program: Efrem Podgaits: Morning Birds , for chorus, flute, and cello, inspired by the paintings of Nicholas Roerich world premiere ; Nikolai Kachanov: Benevolence , a five-part cantata, set to the poems of Nicholas Roerich, and inspired by his paintings; Morton Feldman: Rothko Chapel , a masterpiece, inspired by the paintings of Mark Rothko and the Rothko Chapel in Texas.

    Photo taken early April of Photo taken in the Fall of Our archive holds tens of thousands of items of correspondence pertaining to Nicholas Roerich's artistic and other activities. A visionary and idealist, Roerich promoted peace and the protection of the world's cultural heritage, the unity of religions, and the notion that the creative people of the world bear the responsibility to save the world. During the nineteen-twenties, he composed a treaty for protection of the historic monuments, museums, scientific, artistic, educational and cultural institutions in time of peace as well as in war.

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    Nowadays the Roerich Pact movement is especially popular in Latin America—check banderadelapaz. What a treasure the Roerich Museum is! A wonderfully immersive experience to be surrounded by his art and artifacts in such relaxed, inviting and densely adorned surroundings.

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    All other galleries are open, but please keep in mind that there will be occasional construction noise. Please keep an eye on the website for updates.

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    We apologize for any inconvenience. Our goal, as always, is to make visiting the Museum a better experience for all and we appreciate your patience. Subway: , 1 train to th Street and Broadway.