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If the person is not under supervision, contact information for the Department of State Police.

The department shall make information about a person who is under supervision for the first time as a result of a conviction for an offense that requires reporting as a sex offender accessible only by the use of the sex offender's name. For all other sex offenders, the department may make the information accessible in any manner the department chooses.

Most people think sexual predators are scary-looking and creepy. But three out of four adolescents who were sexually assaulted were victimized by someone they knew well.

Most of the time, sexual predators look like regular people. Children and parents need to know and to understand that anyone can be a sexual predator, no matter how "normal" they appear.

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It isn't always easy to build a trusting relationship with your child. Trying to get your children to share what is going on in their lives can be difficult. Building an open and welcoming environment from the beginning stages of a child's life is essential. Children are less intimidated and more likely to discuss issues and topics in their lives with an open and supportive environment.

Getting your kids to share serves as a building block for times when your child needs to discuss pressing issues like sex and sexual abuse. KidsLiveSafe put together a comprehensive parents guide about sexual predators and keeping children safe. This free online eBook includes vital statistics, how to tell if a predator is victimizing a child, and social media and cyber-bullying. Registered Offenders List.

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Find Offenders. They are generally classified into 3 risk levels: Level 3 High-risk offenders Level 2 Moderate-risk offenders Level 1 Low-risk offenders Level 1 offenders pose the lowest risk to the residents of Oregon. The duration of registration also depends on the risk-level classifications of the offenders. Identify Offenders Near You.

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Rape 2nd degree - OR. Rape 3rd degree - OR. Sodomy 1st degree - OR. Sodomy 2nd degree - OR. Sodomy 3rd degree - OR.

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According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children , Oregon is the number one in registered sex offenders in the country per-capita. So it's very hard to get relief in Oregon from registration. Those offenders are broken down into three levels, with level three reserved for those who present the highest risk of striking again. OSP refers to them as "predatory" offenders. In Southern Oregon, there are 41 predatory offenders currently listed in the state's database. While that number is definitely concerning, Tammi Pitzen said it's better to know who and where perpetrators are than to be left in the dark.

It means maybe they've not been registered. Maybe they've not been caught yet. Pitzen said it's important to know who is around your child and why, but awareness is also about having open conversations with your kids about what is and isn't appropriate.

Registered Sex Offenders

The Children's Advocacy Center of Jackson County hosts free child sexual abuse prevention training programs throughout the year. These offenders usually groom their victims and may use threats to commit their crimes. These crimes may be predatory with the offender using a position of trust to commit their crimes. Typically these individuals do not appreciate the damage they have done to their victims. Offenders are considered to have a high risk to re-offend.

They usually have one or more victims and may have committed prior crimes of violence. They may not know their victim s. The crime may show a manifest cruelty to the victim s and these offenders usually deny or minimize the crime. These offenders commonly have clear indications of a personality disorder. If the victim is a minor and not related to the offender then the offender is required to register for this offense.