Cook county property recorder of deeds

The Cook County Assessor does not set taxes, mail bills or collect taxes. The Assessor is responsible only for your assessed valuation. However, since the Township Assessor does not assess, this office is in the unique position to assist Taxpayers with assessed value complaints, along with other services such as filing exemptions.

Cook County Recorder - Foreclosures, Mortgages, and Quit Claim Deeds - 2013 through March 27, 2015

It is important that you know that any question that you might have in regard to property tax can be directed to our office. Helpful Links. Throughout our site, you will find many links to other agencies that will help you prepare your case for a lower assessment. This site allows residents to have History of The Board of Review.

Cook County Voters Choose to Merge Clerk, Recorder of Deeds Offices

In its last session, BOR reviewed and adjudicated nearly half a million assessment appeals. The Board of Review has heard appeals on assessments in Cook County since Welcome to the Board of Review.

Of the 1. In the City of Chicago, about one million of the nearly 1.

Preliminary election results for suburban Cook County are available at the County Clerk website and preliminary election results for the City of Chicago are available at the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners website. The Civic Federation has publicly supported the merging of the two offices for many years, including when the proposal first appeared in a resolution before the Cook County Board of Commissioners.

Despite opposition from several commissioners, the resolution was approved by the Board of Commissioners on June 29,