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Take a look at some of the scenarios in which a phone tracking app can come in handy. While this tendency to hide things can be aggravating for parents, it can sometimes be harmless. But while a teen hiding something about where they go or who they see may not always be a sign of serious trouble, sometimes it can be. Even if your teen is doing something fairly innocuous, they could be in danger if an unexpected emergency arises during a time when nobody knows where they really are.

This is an important reason to make sure that you do know that your teen is actually where they say they are. For example, say that your teen left for school in the morning at the usual time, but then you got a call from the school later in the day informing you that your student had missed class. What does that mean? According to experts, there is no single profile that will cover all teens who struggle with too much Internet use. As a matter of fact, there are heavy Internet users who are socially linked-in, and they perform well in school as well.

These teens may spend hours surfing social media sites, chatting with friends, or posting photos online. However, there are also those teens who are isolated and socially anxious. These young people may be bullied, teased and even rejected by their peers online. The Internet does not always have a bad influence on a teenager, but if your child spends way too much time online, you should be concerned about how it may affect him or her.

You need to understand also that excessive Internet use can be associated with other deeper problems, including drug use, anxiety, depression, learning problems, or even eating disorders. More often than not, the problem becomes visible in the school setting. Bookmark Bookmark. Read Aloud. Go Back to Issue.

February 18, Should your parents be able to track your location? Two experts weigh in. Like What You See?

Parents can and should use technology to protect their kids. The bottom line is that parents need to protect their kids—no matter what. As useful as technology can be, there is no substitute for trust—and that works both ways.

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