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Indian Peace Flag. Easton Flag. Flag with 20 stars and 13 stripes it remains at 13 hereafter Tennessee June 1, , Ohio March 1, , Louisiana April 30, , Indiana December 11, , Mississippi December 10, Flag with 21 stars Illinois December 3, Bennington Flag. According to some accounts, this flag was flown at the Battle of Bennington. It is sometimes called the Fillmore Flag. The story goes that Nathaniel Fillmore took this flag home from the battlefield, and the flag was passed down through generations of Fillmores, including Millard, and today it can be seen at Vermont's Bennington Museum. Most experts doubt this story and date the flag to about Flag with 24 stars Missouri August 10, Flag with 25 stars Arkansas June 15, Flag with 26 stars Michigan Jan 26, Great Star Flag.

Flag with 27 stars Florida March 3, Flag with 28 stars Texas December 29, Flag with 29 stars Iowa December 28, Flag with 30 stars Wisconsin May 29, Flag with 31 stars California September 9, Flag with 32 stars Minnesota May 11, Flag with 33 stars Oregon February 14, Flag with 34 stars; Kansas January 29, Note: Even after the South seceded from the Union, President Lincoln would not allow any stars to be removed from the flag.

Fort Sumter Flag. Flag with 35 stars West Virginia June 20, Flag with 36 stars Nevada October 31, Flag with 37 stars Nebraska March 1, First flag on a postage stamp. Centennial Flag. Flag with 38 stars Colorado August 1, Flag with 39 stars that never was! Flag manufacturers believed that the two Dakotas would be admitted as one state and so manufactured this flag, some of which still exist.

It was never an official flag. Flag with 44 stars Wyoming July 10, Flag with 45 stars Utah January 4, Adoption of State Flag Desecration Statutes — By the late 's an organized flag protection movement was born in reaction to perceived commercial and political misuse of the flag. After supporters failed to obtain federal legislation, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota became the first States to adopt flag desecration statutes. By , all of the States had adopted flag desecration laws. In general, these State laws outlawed: i placing any kind of marking on the flag, whether for commercial, political, or other purposes; ii using the flag in any form of advertising; and iii publicly mutilating, trampling, defacing, defiling, defying or casting contempt, either by words or by act, upon the flag.

Under the model flag desecration law, the term "flag" was defined to include any flag, standard, ensign, or color, or any representation of such made of any substance whatsoever and of any size that evidently purported to be said flag or a picture or representation thereof, upon which shall be shown the colors, the stars and stripes in any number, or by which the person seeing the same without deliberation may believe the same to represent the flag of the U. Halter v. Nebraska U.

Halter involved a conviction of two businessmen selling "Stars and Stripes" brand beer with representations of the U. The defendants did not raise any First Amendment claim. Flag with 46 stars Oklahoma November 16, Robert Peary places the flag his wife sewed atop the North Pole. He left fragments of it as he traveled north. This is the Maine flag.

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Fraudulent and dead. United we stand, divided we fall. Kentucky has fallen.

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It needs a Derby horse put on its flag as soon as possible. Well, it has miners, which is accurate, but is that a tombstone? Is it saying West Virginia died on June 20, ? Vermont, this isn't like you. You okay?

Date emblazoned on North Carolina's flag marks historical event that may not have ever happened

This flag has nothing to do with your state. An eagle? Are you serious? You think no one else thought of eagles? Put up the arch, and be done with it.

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Take notes on your license plate. No Elvis stuff, no Memphis stuff, no Volunteers logos Georgia basically hijacked the United States flag but put an awkward twist on it. Who do y'all think you are? You are not Texas.

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It's since been changed. Everything we wrote still applies. Smack in the middle of this list because, well We don't blame you, but still, weak showing for an otherwise underrated state. Is this fun? Are we having fun?

Website names SC state flag America's best

What are we looking at here, Wisconsin? Pelicans are neat, but not really when they look a lot more like storks that deliver babies. One of our writers lived in Indiana for about five years when he was younger and until two days ago, had no idea what the state flag was. Is this torch a subtle way of Hoosier folk suggesting that Indianapolis should host the Olympics? Let's not do this. It apparently can predict the future, knowing December 7th was going to be an important infamous, even date in United States history.

It was adopted in Less is more, always. Florida might as well have put this guy in the middle. That eagle looks distressed and confused; it's like Illinois and Iowa are committed to killing our country's most famed bird. The flag is saved by that nice depiction of Lake Michigan and the sunrise in the background. We've driven through the entirety of Kansas on I like 23 collective times in our lives.

The Raleigh, built in as one of the first 13 warships to fight the British in the Revolutionary War, is sailing near a large gray granite boulder. A wreath of yellow laurel leaves interspersed with nine stars surrounds the seal. The New Hampshire state flag has been changed one time in by the legislature to add more specific detail to the elements of the State Seal.

Wood North Carolina State Flag, wood American Flag maker does something different

Although the New Jersey legislature did not officially recognize its state flag as such until , its design and use can be traced back to The year before, General George Washington had directed that the color of the coats for his regiment be dark blue faced with buff light yellow-brown , in honor of the original Dutch settlers.

New Jersey regiments of the Civil War period carried two flags: one representing the United States and one featuring the state coat of arms in the center on the regimental color. The coat of arms, designed in by Pierre Eugene du Simitiere, is composed of a blue shield with three plows on it supported by two goddesses on either side.

On the left, the Goddess of Liberty is holding a staff with the cap of freedom on it; Ceres, the Goddess of Agriculture, is on the right holding a cornucopia full of food. In , the Daughters of the American Revolution sponsored a competition to create a new design for a state flag.

- The Washington Post

Harry Mera, a physician and archeologist from Santa Fe, won the contest with an interpretation of a Zia sun symbol discovered on a 19th century water jar found at the Zia Pueblo. The sun symbol contains four groups of rays at right angles with four rays in each group, with the inner rays longer than the outer ones. Four is a sacred number for the Zia Indians, repeating itself in the rays radiating from the center of the sun, which symbolizes the Circle of Life.

The sun is red in the center of a yellow background, colors chosen to honor the Spanish explorers who came to Mexico in the s. As early as , New York militia regulations called for the coat of arms to appear on a white background as the state flag. In , the legislature adopted a law changing the white to buff to match the facing color of the uniforms worn by the troops serving in the Continental Army.

However, since the custom at the time was for regimental flags to display the coat of arms on a blue background, the New York state legislature adopted a blue background in On the coat of arms, which was adopted in , are two goddesses supporting a shield with a sun rising over two ships sailing the Hudson River. On the left, Liberty is dressed in blue holding a staff with the cap of freedom on it and a discarded crown at her feet, symbolizing freedom from British control.

The Goddess Justice, in gold, stands on the right wearing a blindfold and holding the scale of justice. Above the shield is an American eagle perched on a globe showing the Western hemisphere. North Dakota, which became the 39th state to join the Union in , outfitted infantry regiments during the Spanish-American War and the Phillipine Island Insurrection in the late s.

The regimental flag carried into battle was made up of a field of deep blue with a Bald Eagle clutching an olive branch representing peace and arrows representing liberty in its claws. Above the eagle is a yellow fan in the shape of a sunburst containing an array of 13 yellow stars representing the birth of a nation.

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The Ohio State Flag, officially adopted in , is the only American state flag that is not rectangular in shape. Based on the pennant flown by the Ohio cavalry during both the Civil and Spanish-American Wars, its swallowtail shape is technically known as a burgee.