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Companion bill is S. Companion bill is H. King - Sales Tax Exemption : would, among other things, exempt from sales and use taxes: 1 the sale, use, or other consumption of alternative base fluids used in connection with an energized fracturing operation in an oil or gas well; and 2 tangible personal property specifically used to process, reuse, or recycle alternative base fluids that will be used in energized fracturing work performed at an oil or gas well.

S, this state, or a local government of this state that uses the information for prevention purposes; c the law enforcement agency that employs the officer who investigated the accident and sent the report to DPS; d the court in which a case involving a person in the accident is pending if the report is subpoenaed; and e any person directly concerned in the traffic accident or having proper interest therein, including those listed in 1 , above.

Note: This bill would overrule the recent court of appeals opinion in El Paso v. Taylor - State Agency Rulemaking : would: 1 authorize a member of the legislature to bring an action for declaratory judgment if it is alleged that a member of a governing body of a state agency or an executive official of a state agency has adopted a rule or proposed a rule without a grant of or contrary to a grant of statutory or constitutional authority; 2 provide that a district court or party to a motion described in 1 , above, may request transfer to the court of appeals if the public interest requires a prompt, authoritative determination of the validity of the rule or proposed rule; and 3 prohibit the attorney general from representing a state agency, a state agency official, or a member of the legislature in a suit described in 1 , above.

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It would, among other things: 1 consolidate various health and human services agencies under the Health and Human Services Commission; and 2 eliminate many of the committees, councils, and work groups whose purpose is to give information regarding the physical, mental, and intellectual health of certain individuals and communities. The bill would exempt a city regulation that imposes or enforces a reasonable standard established by the political subdivision for oil or gas wells relating to: 1 visual aesthetics; 2 noise abatement; or 3 hours of operation.

Companion bills are H. Martinez - Traffic Signals : would allow an operator of a motorcycle or bicycle facing a steady red signal at a traffic-actuated electric traffic-control signal to proceed if the signal fails to register the motorcycle or bicycle after two cycles of the signal. Turner - Disaster Recovery Fund : would: 1 create a disaster recovery fund that would be used to offer grants for a state agency, city, or volunteer fire department that participates in disaster recovery to help pay for recovery costs for: a a nonfederal match required for a FEMA project; b a disaster recovery project to remedy the damage and direct loss due to a disaster; or c a reimbursement of the entity for disaster recovery related activities; 2 require the Division of Emergency Management to develop and implement rules, procedures, and an application process for request and receipt of the grants; and 3 require an entity that receives a grant to reimburse the fund if it later receives reimbursement from the federal government, an insurer, or another source.

White - Firearms: would: 1 repeal the offense of displaying a firearm or other deadly weapon in a public place in a manner calculated to alarm; 2 allow a person previously convicted of that crime to serve as a nurses aid. Martinez - Unprotected Road User : would: 1 require the operator of a motor vehicle passing an unprotected road user e.

This bill is identical to H. Thompson - Electric Rates : would provide that: 1 the Public Utility Commission shall undertake a study and conduct a report analyzing any periodic rate adjustment established under current law, to be available for the legislature's review by January 31, ; and 2 the report shall contain, among several other things, an analysis of alternative ratemaking mechanisms adopted by other states and recommendations regarding appropriate reforms to the ratemaking process in this state to provide efficient and adequate oversight of electric utilities.

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  • 80th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, House Bill 2685, Chapter 327.
  • October 21, 2011!

Today is Bill Filing Deadline Today is the bill filing deadline for the regular session. City Officials Testify When the legislature is in session, nothing compares to the effectiveness of city officials testifying at the Capitol. City-Related Bills Filed This Week Each week, League staff summarizes in this section the city-related bills filed during the previous week.

Property Tax H. Sales Tax H. Purchasing H.

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Elections H. Open Government H. Municipal Courts H. Public Safety H. Transportation H. Disclaimer TML member cities may use the material herein for any purpose.

December 23, , Number December 18, , Number December 11, , Number December 4, , Number November 20, , Number November 13, , Number November 6, , Number October 30, , Number October 16, , Number October 9, , Number October 2, , Number September 18, , Number September 4, , Number August 28, , Number August 14, , Number July 24, , Number July 17, , Number July 10, , Number July 3, , Number June 26, , Number June 12, , Number I want to welcome you-all to your House chamber and thank you for being here and your involvement and making our state stronger by your involvement in your community.

Members you would join me by welcoming them here. Speaker and members, I move to suspend all necessary rules to take up and consider House Resolution which honors several of the persons who have been found innocent of their crimes and have been removed from death row. Chair lays out house resolution. Drinkard's case was subsequently presented To the U. Senate Judiciary Committee to illustrate the critical Need that those facing the death penalty have for competent legal Representation; and WHEREAS, Framed for murder, Shujaa Graham was sentenced in California in ; the state supreme court overturned his Conviction because the district attorney had systematically excluded African American jurors in his first trial; Mr.

Graham was Ultimately acquitted in , and since then he has played a leading. Role in the anti-death penalty and human rights movements; and. WHEREAS, Ron Keine was sentenced to death in New Mexico in after a witness, under intense pressure from prosecutors Fabricated a story about his guilt; the following year, the real Killer turned himself in, and a new trial for Mr. Keine and his Codefendants was eventually ordered; before the trial could be Held, though, a judge threw out the murder indictment on the grounds That ballistic tests conclusively linked the confessed killer to The murder weapon; freed in , Mr.

Graves's conviction in , and He was then sent to the Burleson County jail to await his new trial Which would be four years in coming; during that time, he was kept In solitary confinement; finally, in , 18 years after Mr. Speaker -- Mr. Speaker this is a very, very important resolution brought by Mr. I would ask if the conversations could be taken outside the rail so that Mr. Dutton and the gentleman behind you can have the full attention of the house, please. Speaker and members, thank you and thank you, Tim.

Today we celebrate what's being called as the Day of Innocence. This is the second opportunity we've had to do that. The Day of Innocence came about because, as most of you know, our system for making sure that only the guilty get punished in Texas sometimes fails us. Sometimes it didn't work. And whenever that's happened members I hope you're kind of like me. I take full responsibility as a legislature for making sure that the systems work.

One of the worst places where the system fails is when a person is sent to death row. And yet what we know today is that there are a number of people who have gone to death row and yet it was later determined that they were factually innocent but legally guilty. That should never happen, members. And today joining us in this chamber are three men who have been sentenced to death row only later to be found factually innocent.

The first one is Clarence Brandley. Clarence Brandley served ten years on Texas' death row. This is not a problem though that's endemic only to Texas because we also are joined today by Ron Keine who served two years on death row in New Mexico. As further evidence, we're joined by Albert Barrel who spent 13 years on death row in Louisiana. Members, when the system fails it means we have failed because we are the people that Texas looks to, particularly innocent people, to make sure that our system works.

Texas Rep. Ron Simmons

And, yes, some people will point to the fact that these people are off death row, and so now the system apparently works. But to spend ten years on death row waiting for the system to work, means that you have gone through hell while living here on earth.

And so, today I ask you to join me and perhaps we can't give an apology the only thing we can give is our commitment to trying to do everything we can to make sure that the innocent -- no matter whether they're poor, no matter what color, no matter what gender, no matter what geography they come here with that we are to make sure our systems or at least the kinds of systems that says if we have to make an error it will be an error on the side of letting a guilty person go before we imprison someone who is innocent.

And with that Mr. Speaker and members, I would suggest that we pass House Resolution and I ask that all members names be added to that resolution. And that from today forward we make the commitment to ensure that justice is only -- not only for those people that we sometimes don't like or some people we don't see or some people we just can't seem to some how or another look eye to eye with but the justice prevails for the rich, the poor but most of all for the innocent.

Speaker I move passage. Are there any objections? Chair recognizes Representative Button. This tour allows the students from a historically underserved part of Dallas to tour nine universities across our state and our Capitol. This tour is made possible from the general support of Mr.

Albert Huddleston and his wife Mary.