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By then, Jagger and Richards had mellowed out a bit, and were stopping to appreciate the finer things in life, like their partnership and friendship. That girl you try to pick up online might go crazy — especially if you block her on Facebook — and break into your house. Pump up the volume on this one and let the crunchy synths overwhelm you, bro.

Instead, All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem sounds like The Killers listened to a lot of Krautfunk, then decided to make a club banger, with some piano chords thrown in for good measure. Weezer has never really been known for their subtlety.

The Best Country Songs About Friends, Ranked by Fans

Thanks a ton. Remember when you were young and all you cared about was the first day of school and making new friends. If you insist. Wannabe was an anthem of the Girl Power philosopher the pop group espoused, a song about female friendship and empowerment.

It was written in less than 30 minutes, which just shows how creatively inspiring friendship can be. Kanye West again. In the song, Kanye discusses how Jay-Z inspired him in the early days, giving him a shot at producing and rapping, then how a friendly sibling rivalry pushed Kanye to develop as an artist.

Big Brother is a rare thing: A quality, heartfelt rap song about brotherly love. In Stay Free , they detail a childhood friendship full of causing mischief during and after school, playing pool and smoking cigarettes. Then one of the friends punches the wrong guy and goes to jail.

Rappers are a boastful lot. However, usually they brag about how many cars or gold chains they have, not about how great and unique a friend they are. As we get older, it can be harder and harder to make new friends. When you ascend to any form of success, it can be hard to tell who your true friends are. Ironic as it is, the band called War wrote one of the most iconic songs about coming together in peace and friendship. Real friends support each other, even in their darkest moments.

Remember: Real friends will always pass the test.

Country singer Chris Stapleton wrote this soulful tune about the kind of friendships that last through thick and thin. Whether lending someone money, food, or a shoulder to cry on, the best friends offer each other what they need when they need it, regardless of the circumstances. Country hero Hank Williams, Jr. Looking for more great music to get you through the day? The best TVs for 1 hour ago. How much does Netflix cost? There are few places where friends can share music with one another using just a couple of mouse clicks.

Spotify used to allow users to send each other direct messages, but the feature got axed. You can still manually share a link to a song with a friend, but that only works well if your friend subscribes to the same streaming service. If they're on Apple Music or Google Play Music, your friend may have to hop through some hoops, and even download an app, just to hear that song from Tidal you know they'll dig.

The result of this siloed status quo, Kaplan says, is that sharing music "becomes this Capulet and Montague thing where everyone stays in their own spaces. Some independent services bridge that divide by letting users publicly share what they're listening to on the big streaming sites. Another service for publicly sharing your listening habits is the early social music platform Last. All of that information can be made public in your Last. If you'd rather not sign up for yet another external service, the streaming platforms themselves offer some tools for sharing songs, artists, and playlists with friends.

Options vary from service to service, but the popular streaming apps at least have some social features built in. These methods are still only truly effective if the recipient subscribes to the same service as you, but they're helpful to know anyway. Spotify has plenty of mechanisms for finding new bops.

The best songs about friendship

Sure, the company's algorithmically-generated playlists like Discover Weekly or My Daily Mix are super-smart, but nothing beats getting a fresh rec from that special music nerd in your life. One of Spotify's standout features is its ability to create collaborative playlists. Whether it's between your core group of friends, or a place to share cheesy songs with your partner, these playlists let you spread the tunes without your friends feeling bombarded with link-stuffed notifications.

All you have to do is select the playlist you want to share, hit "Make collaborative," then send out the one link. Once someone follows it, they can stream the whole thing, then add songs just like they would any other playlist. The new songs added by any participant flow into the mix for all to see. While it's tough to find, Spotify has a nifty desktop-only feature that lets you see a real-time view of what your friends are listening to. If you follow people you trust import your Facebook contacts if you're not sure where to start , you can see what your friends are rockin' out to.

Click on a title to listen along. You can also click on friends' profiles and listen to any playlists they've made public. You have to activate this feature to use it. Within the Spotify desktop app, go into the View menu and make sure the totally ambiguous "Right sidebar" option is selected.

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That's where your friends live. Pro tip: Some musicians make public playlists on Spotify, and some of them are excellent, like this one from Grimes. Apple Music doesn't have the same social focus as Spotify, but there are still ways to share music with friends. You can't make collaborative playlists on Apple Music, but you can make sure your friends can see what you've been cooking up by selecting "Show on My Profile and in Search" when you create a new playlist.

This makes your playlist searchable within Apple Music, and you'll be able to grab a link from the share menu and send it around. Under the "For You" tab, where Apple Music builds a list of albums and playlists it thinks you'll enjoy, there's a section titled "Friends Are Listening to:" but you'll have to do some work to get that set up.

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If you're on iOS or Android, go into the Apple Music app, select your profile, tap on "Discover music with friends," then choose "Get started. After that, you'll want to find people to follow. Just scroll to the bottom of your profile page and choose "Find More Friends," then follow anyone on the list to get a taste of what they've been playing lately.

One nice thing about Google's service: it has a stronger web presence than the other services. You can share individual tracks by sending somebody a public URL. When they open the link in their browser, they'll be able to play the song or start a free streaming radio station based on the track.