Request public records on deceased individuals

Death Certificates Confidentiality Old records are considered public records and are not subject to privacy requirements.

Old records include: Birth records prior to ; death records prior to ; marriage records prior to Any death record from the year until present are available at any city or town clerk's office in the State of New Hampshire. If the death occurred prior to , you will need to obtain the death certificate from the city or town clerk in the municipality in which the death occurred or from the NH Bureau of Vital Records in Concord.

Death Certificates

The individual signing the letter shall submit a photocopy of their government issue id. If the requester is allowing another individual to pick-up the record on their behalf, that individual's name must appear in the letter and they will be required to show their government issued id in our office in order for us to issue them the record.

Public Records - How To Access Marriage, Birth, Death, Divorce, Criminal, Court Records

Payment must accompany the request. Mail-in orders without positive identification will be returned without having been processed. The office cannot accept payment for requests submitted by email, fax, or telephone.

Often, the FBI responds that they have no documents responsive to the request, meaning usually that the agency simply has no records related to the person in its files. But frequently we do receive documents, and we publish them online for the world to see. And just as much as we hope to unearth interesting information about government surveillance of public figures, we also aim to inspire newsrooms and journalists to pursue other automated records requesting efforts.

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For more background, we recommend this episode of Note To Self , a technology podcast that reported on the project when it initially launched earlier this year. You can follow the project's dedicated Twitter feed at foiathedead , which we will update any time there is a new file posted.

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There are many side effects to being stonewalled: disbelief, anger, disillusionment, and, of course, repeating yourself. I have experienced them all. Parker Higgins.